Avero Premium Plus


AVERO Premium Plus Bathtub

Product Description

With its ergonomic design and thoughtful features, the AVERO Premium Plus bathtub ensures the comfort and safety of residents and caregivers alike. Constructed out of high-grade materials, this bathtub boasts an aesthetically pleasing design that fits well into many floorplans and configurations. Its quality construction ensures optimal, reliable operation, making this an excellent investment for hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities. Its ergonomically designed interior body provides optimal safety and comfort for residents, and its easy-to-read digital control panel ensures easy operation by caregivers. Optional features, including a disinfection system and aromatherapy system, make this a flexible and efficient bathing solution.

The ergonomic interior of the AVERO Premium Plus bathtub features glass-reinforced plastic, GRP. This high-grade material is easy to clean and keep clean, and it is comfortable for clients while ensuring optimal protection against slipping. The tub’s lowered foot area and shaped armrests allow residents to relax and enjoy the bathing experience. An optional tub shortener is available, allowing caregivers to customize comfort and support for shorter residents. At the same time, the tub is large enough to easily fit the resident’s shoulders, providing a truly immersive bathing experience. Chrome grab handles provide additional leverage and support, further enhancing overall safety.

This cleverly designed ergonomic bathtub includes a digital operational panel with clearly defined visual symbols, allowing caregivers to operate it with ease and efficiency. An optional feature provides three different temperature displays: one for the shower water temperature, one for the spout water temperature and one for the tub water temperature. The shaped seat includes a care opening, allowing for optimal hygiene even in intimate areas. The bath tap and hand shower are enhanced with scald protection, ensuring the safety of caregivers and clients. An optional disinfection system helps to prevent cross-contamination from the jets. The hand shower and disinfection container area are secured behind the control panel, beyond residents’ reach.

The AVERO Premium Plus bathtub doesn’t need to be affixed to the floor or a wall. It stands securely wherever it is, making it an excellent option even in limited spaces. The bath-height adjustment feature makes it easy for caregivers to raise and lower it for optimal and more comfortable use. Several optional features are available for this bathtub, including a water-filling stop that allows you to set and select water levels ahead of time and an integrated light-therapy system that provides a more relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience.

While in the AVERO Premium Plus bathtub, residents are accessible via three sides as well as from underneath. Therefore, this bathtub is compatible with most lift systems, making it an excellent bathing solution for nursing homes and related facilities and suitable for patients across many mobility levels.

Product Specifications:

  • Total size (AVERO Premium Plus 190): 87.80 inches by 32.28 inches
  • Interior dimensions: 70.08 inches long by 22.64/28.25 inches wide by 16.93/19.29 inches deep
  • Exterior dimensions: 76.14 inches long by 31.50 inches wide by 20.47 inches deep
  • Height adjustment: 27.17 inches to 40.16 inches
  • SWL: 661 pounds
  • Maximum resident weight: 485 pounds
  • Specifically adapted back profile with shaped armrests and care opening
  • Chrome grab handles
  • Accessible from three sides and underneath
  • Free-standing, secure design
  • Available in two lengths
  • Compatible with most lift systems
  • Scald protection on hand shower and bath tap

Optional features:

  • Aromatherapy system
  • Air-relax system
  • Colored-light system
  • Music-sound system
  • Bluetooth music-sound system
  • Bathtub shortener
  • Automatic tub filling
  • Emergency functionality in case of power failure
  • Disinfection system
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