Breathable Repositioning Sheet Disposable



Available in an advanced breathable material and several sizes to suit different patients and situations.

SPH Medical’s Breathable Repositioning Sheet disposable has twelve lift straps, six on either side of the patient, each strap having 3 destination loops which enable optimal adaptation to the user and transfer situation. For example head elevation of 30 degrees can be maintained during boosting or transferring.  The destination loops are connected to the sling bar and when the patient has been turned or repositioned, the lift straps are simply tucked under the mattress.

  • Six lift straps on either side of the sheet
  • SWL: 1000 lbs capacity
  • Disposable material for optimal hygiene and safety
  • No measurable increase in pressure over standard bed linen
  • Third Partly lab tested confirms breathability

Links to Articles about Repositioning Injuries to Nurses:,weight%20and%20awkward%20nurse%20postures.