with an anti-slip inside of moisture repellent, PU-coated nylon

EasyBelt is used for sit-to-stand transfers and for sitting transfers from the wheelchair to the bed, toilet or car. EasyBelt can also be used as support when the patient is standing and walking. The belt, which is placed around the patient’s waist or hips, has multiple, sturdy handles, both vertically and horizontally, providing the caregiver with a firm grip in various situations.

EasyBelt, hug – a new design that does all the work by itself!

EasyBelt, hug is a new version of SystemRoMedic’s classic EasyBelt. EasyBelt, hug features a new, patented design with horizontal handles that slide freely in loops to make the belt “hug” on to the patient instead of sliding up during transfer situations. With EasyBelt, hug, the caregiver can provide even more support without using more effort. The new design actually does all the work by itself.

EasyBelt, hug also offers a new, woven label, with instructions for use, placed easily available on the lip used to tighten the belt. A new size color coding on the control loop further simplifies size controlling.

For heavy transfers, EasyBelt can be combined with other devices

For transfers that are heavy and complex, the belt can easily be used in combination with other devices. Sitting transfers can be performed with a little extra help from a sliding mat like EasySlide or the sliding board EasyGlide. SupportStraps can be used as leg harness in combination with EasyBelt.

Built to last – for a lot of load, for a long, long time!

  • The quick-connect buckle is strong and safe and easy to open, close and tighten.
  • The tightening strap is sturdy and easy to adjust.
  • The outer material is made of durable nylon for maximum product life.
  • Sturdy finished edge increases longevity of the product.
  • In exposed areas, the seams are reinforced.