IncoSheet is a washable incontinence protection to be placed in the bed, on top of existing bed equipment. It fits beautifully on the WendyLett and TurnSheet. IncoSheet is available in several sizes. When placed on top of WendyLett, one of them, with extra fabric on the sides, also enables positioning/turning of the patient in bed. The smallest size fits a wheelchair cushion.

IncoSheet is made of a super-absorbent material. The surface always feels dry to lie on, which helps prevent pressure sores. The underside has a PU-coated moisture resistant membrane that prevents moisture from spreading further down to the sheets and mattress. A rough, high-friction material on the reverse allows IncoSheet to remain in place when used in bed or in a wheelchair.

  • The surface is soft and yielding brushed polyester for maximum patient comfort.
  • Super-absorbent material absorbs body fluids.
  • A moisture barrier on the reverse side prevents moisture from being transferred to the sheet and mattress.
  • A rough, high-friction material on the reverse keeps IncoSheet in place during use