SlingBar is a two-point aluminum sling bar available in three versions with different widths. All versions of SlingBar have safety latches which prevent the sling straps from creeping out of the sling bar and all versions are for patients weighing up to 300 kg/660 lbs.

It is important to choose the right sling bar for the right lifting sling and patient.

  • SlingBar M is the SystemRoMedic™ standard sling bar. It is 450 mm/17.7″ wide and excellent for most lifting situations. It is also delivered together with many SystemRoMedic™ lifts.
  • SlingBar S is more narrow and suitable for normal lifting of small adults and children. It is also suitable for gait training with WalkingVest.
  • SlingBar L is a wider sling bar which is excellent for large patients as it provides increased room within the sling.

SlingBar S, SlingBar M and SlingBar L (item no. 70200001, 70200002 and 70200003) can be used with all of Handicare’s mobile lifts and stationary ceiling lift units.

Special versions of SlingBar S and SlingBar M (item no. 70200043 and 70200044) are adapted for use with MultiLift550.

Accessories for individual adaptation

To get more room in a SlingBar two-point sling bar, SlingBarSpreader M side bars can be used as an accessory.

All versions of SlingBar can be provided with a soft protection, SlingBarWrap,which is sometimes needed for patients with uncontrolled movements. SlingBarWrap is fastened with velcro and can easily be removed for cleaning.

With SwiftHook, changing sling bars or connecting a scale becomes very easy and with RoomTransferHook on SlingBar, the patient can be transferred between two ceiling lift units mounted on separate rail systems in two separate rooms