Designer Cannabis Cones - Are They Worth It?

Designer Cannabis Cones - Are They Worth It? - Empire Rolling Papers

Designer Cannabis Cones - Are They Worth It? 

 Cannabis Cones are the latest trend to hit the market for cannabis enthusiasts.

Designer Cannabis Cones are not your typical rolled joint. Instead, these joints are carefully crafted, using top-shelf flowers and specific rolling techniques perfect for discerning smokers or medicinal users who want more precise medication dosing.

Designer cannabis cones are made with high-quality cannabis, which provides a better smoking experience.

The joint presentation is often more attractive than your standard rolled joint. Then there's the fact that many of these joints come pre-rolled, so they require minimal effort to get started. On the other hand, rolling papers can be somewhat demanding, and it's not uncommon for a joint to go out, which is a colossal waste of your material.

Designer cannabis cones have little to no chance of going out during the smoking experience, and they burn at a much slower rate than a rolled joint.

 What makes these joints so unique?

When you roll a joint using standard rolling papers, it is difficult to get the joint to burn at an even rate. Several factors can lead to uneven burning, such as:

Unevenly distributed flower: When you use standard rolling papers with your cannabis, it's nearly impossible to evenly spread the flower throughout the paper. Most people sprinkle some flowers on their paper and then roll it up. So there is a very high chance that most of your cannabis isn't even lit but still burning away. When you use a joint roller to roll a joint out of whole buds, this problem becomes non-existent.

Pre-made filters: Most people like to smoke with filters in their joints. This gives the joint a consistent draw and prevents any material from escaping the joint. However, if the filters aren't put in properly, so they don't line up with where your mouthpiece will be located when you smoke it, you risk inhaling those loose bits of unburnt cannabis or tobacco through your filter.

The right amount of cannabis: This is why we always tell people to use a grinder to grind down their cannabis. Using a grinder ensures that you have the right amount of cannabis in each joint, so there is no chance that you'll be wasting it by smoking parts that aren't lit.

Designer Cannabis Cones solves all of these problems, taking the experience to a new level.

Choosing your Cannabis Cones: How can you make them even better?

If you're shopping online for designer cannabis cones, then there are several factors that you should consider before making a purchase decision. These include:

Aesthetics: You want to buy something beautiful and attractive. When you bring out your designer cannabis cones, you will be the center of attention, so choose something worthy of even the harshest critics.

Quality: Like with anything else in life, certain brands are synonymous with quality and excellence. It's essential to do some research before making a purchase decision on an online retailer that you are not familiar with. If they have a good reputation, then it's very likely that the quality of their cannabis cones will be equally as high.

Smell: The first thing people do after opening a new jar or package of cannabis is take a deep whiff to test how strong it smells. You should make sure that your joint cones have a robust and pleasant smell to get the whole experience of how fresh your cannabis is.

Rolling papers: The same logic applies to cones made with rolling papers. You will want to make sure you buy manufactured using only the best ingredients and rolling papers available on the market. Otherwise, it defeats why you would want to spend extra money on a premium product like designer cannabis cones.

Tips for making your cannabis cones - Where should I start?

There's no natural "right" way of doing it. Everyone has their techniques and methods for rolling cannabis joints, especially those doing it for a long time. However, if you've never done it before and don't know where to begin, then we will share with you the way that we like to do it:

What you need to make designer cannabis cones

 Cannabis: Preferably use something fresh with a pungent smell. If they were stored properly, you could still use old buds, but the flavors won't be as pronounced, and they will burn quicker than freshly cured greens.

 Joint roller: This one is pretty obvious. You don't have to buy your own. You can always ask a friend if you can use theirs, or you can take turns with other people smoking out of it. The bigger the joint roller, the more cannabis cones you will make at one time.

 Parchment paper: Although many joint rollers are made to be used with a triple-layer of rolling papers, you will have a much easier time if you place something underneath the parchment paper. This ensures that it will stay flat as you roll your joint and don't jam up or cause any problems as you try to make cannabis cones.

Rolling a perfect Cannabis Cone

 - Place your ground cannabis on top of a sheet of parchment paper. Fold it inwards twice to make a nice crease to easily roll your joint without it sticking or lifting as you go.

- Roll the paper upwards and keep rolling until you have an even-sized cone shape with no opening, then close it by sliding two fingers along each side.

- Remove the excess parchment paper, then roll once more inwards. This is to keep it from unrolling as you smoke it.

- Single or double filer - The choice is yours. Whether you like a more substantial or lighter buzz is up to you and your tastes.

- Pack the cone evenly with finely ground cannabis tobacco, so there are no spaces inside the cone.

- Using your thumb and index finger, roll the open end of the cone upwards to tighten it shut.

- If you're not satisfied with the shape of your joint cone, then take a toothpick or thin pen and gently push from the inside out to adjust it as needed.


Popular Designer Cannabis Cones


1. The Zig-Zag Cone


One of the oldest and most famous brands of rolling papers for a reason, you can't go wrong with a classic zig-zag. The added filter provides an extra smooth smoking experience that many other papers cannot compare. You should also know that these come pre-rolled, so you won't have to do it yourself.


2. The Hemp Cones


These cones are made from hemp instead of standard rolling papers, which means you can use it as rolling paper or even smoke it as is if you want. However, because the paper isn't designed to be rolled tightly without breaking apart or tearing, don't expect it to hold up for more than one use.


The cone shape of this cone allows you to smoke two different types of marijuana at the same time that are packed into separate halves, or if your weed is ground finely enough, you can even pack in some tobacco for a bit of extra flavor. However, note that you will have to roll a separate joint for each side if you want the flavors to mix.


3. Pre-rolled Cones


These rice cones have been around for some time, so they're thin and easy to roll. However, they tend to be a bit pricey compared to other brands available, which also means to last longer.


4. The Mini Tip Cone


For those who like to start with a smaller-sized cone, this mini tip cone is easy to roll and well designed for those using single or double filers. Note that the added filter will not provide much resistance when smoking, so it might take a bit more effort to get a good drag.


5. The Pinner Cone


If you're not looking for something big, this might be the perfect non-tobacco option that is easy to smoke and doesn't have any added flavorings or chemicals. The cone is well designed, but it's small enough that using a filter isn't necessary.


So is Designer Cannabis Cone worth it?


Designer Cannabis Cones are worth it if you're looking for a non-tobacco way to smoke your weed that is easy to roll. If you don't own any rolling papers, this option is available for you, but be aware of how many uses each cone is good for before purchasing them. Also, the choice between single or double filters is one that you will need to consider, as some cones are designed with a single filter.


While there are many different rolling papers on the market today, Designer Cannabis Cones have been around for a long time, and they're still going strong because of their ease of use and available hardiness. These come pre-rolled, or you can roll them yourself to your preferred shape, size, and filter type.


The choice is yours on whether or not these are worth it for you, but the fact that they come in pre-rolled shapes like cones or tubes means rolling your joint is easier than ever before.