Ultimate Retail Guide for Selling Empire Rolling Papers

Ultimate Retail Guide for Selling Empire Rolling Papers - Empire Rolling Papers

Ultimate Retail Guide for Selling Empire Rolling Papers

Empire Rolling Papers have a proven record of incredible sell-through rates at over 6,000 retail locations. While our rolling papers practically sell themselves due to their obvious value and our impressive product recognition, you can improve your sales numbers substantially if you follow a few simple selling tips. In this guide, learn how you can maximize your selling potential!


1. Make It Visible

You won’t be able to sell Empire Rolling Papers if no one can see them. Even customers who specifically come into your store to buy our papers will be frustrated if you keep your $100 bill rolling paper display in an obscure corner where no one can find it.


If you want to experience the sell-through rates that have put our papers on the map across the country, you’ll need to merchandize effectively. All your efforts will be no good if you cram your Empire Rolling Papers into a spot where loyal customers and people who want to try something new won’t be able to pick our papers out of the crowd.


One of the best attributes of our rolling papers is our brand recognition. There are no other rolling papers on the market that look just like ours, and customers will go out of their way to visit shops that carry Empire Rolling Papers.


Our papers are low price point items, which means that customers who come to your shop for their favorite $100 rolling papers will still have money burning holes in their pockets even after they’ve achieved their main objective. If you want to make the most out of the cross-selling opportunities that our papers can deliver on your lap, display your Empire Rolling Papers proudly in a prominent location, and put related products that you think customers who love our papers will find irresistible.


2. Educate Your Employees

Our papers are so popular that they’ll sell no matter what you do, but you can boost your sales exponentially if you thoroughly educate your employees on all the details surrounding our products. Educated employees will be selling powerhouses, but employees who don’t know everything that they should about our products might even give customers misinformation that will make them less likely to use our products.


Here are a few of the top facts that you should make sure your employees know about our rolling papers:


1. We only use natural, plant-based dyes in our papers

While other rolling paper manufacturers might use dangerous synthetic dyes in their papers, we only use the best soy-based dyes in our $100 bill rolling papers. Remember the dye you used to put your daughter’s face on her birthday cake last year? We use the same edible, smokable dye to give our papers their iconic look.


2. The gummy strips in our papers are made from 100 percent natural gum arabic

In the rolling paper industry, it’s unfortunately common to use synthetic materials to stick rolling papers together. However, we’ll only ever use 100 percent natural gum arabic to make our papers stick together perfectly every time.


3. Our papers are made from all-natural hemp, flax, and wood fibers

Hemp and flax are the best rolling paper materials around, and our papers may also contain wood pulp, which adds heft and natural coloring to papers. We only use the best all-natural materials to make our papers to ensure that your customers won’t inhale anything that they shouldn’t.


4. Our papers do not contain tobacco or nicotine

Our $100 bill rolling papers aren’t blunt wraps, which are typically made from tobacco leaves. Since our papers are made from hemp, flax, and wood pulp, they don’t contain any nicotine.


5. Counterfeit papers are dangerous to your health

A customer might waltz into your store bragging about how he or she found $100 rolling papers online for a lower price. However, counterfeit papers are dangerous to your health; counterfeits have dangerous dyes and other ingredients that may increase your risk of cancer and other diseases. When you train your employees to relay the dangers of counterfeits, you increase your sales while simultaneously doing your part to protect your community’s health.


3. Use Your Displays

There’s a reason we provide our retailers with displays for our products; they improve sales! If you aren’t using our displays to their fullest potential, you need to reevaluate your sales strategies.


Our product displays are compact, but they can draw attention from across the room. These displays are especially useful when you deploy them near your checkout register; if you’re lucky, our attractive displays may bring attention to other items that you want to be in a customer’s hands when he or she walks out the door.


Proudly setting up one of our displays in a prominent location reinforces the brand recognition that has made our money rolling papers so successful in over 6,000 smoke shops. If you position a display near a window, consumers might decide to enter your shop to buy our papers when they would have otherwise kept on going down the street.


Even if you want to keep a stash of our papers somewhere else in your store, don’t miss the increased sales that putting up an Empire Rolling Paper display in one of the most highly-trafficked areas of your space can deliver. Since these attractive displays are made from durable cardboard, you can use them again and again as you restock on our fast-selling rolling papers.


4. Set Your Prices Wisely

As a wholesaler, we give you big margins to work with on purpose. We want you to be rewarded as much as possible for selling our papers; if you want, you can market your Empire Rolling Papers for far higher than the stated MSRP.


However, you should consider the benefits of selling our rolling papers for a reasonable price. The lower you set the price on our papers, the faster they will sell; consumers are more likely to buy low price point items, and you can improve your sell-through rate by keeping your prices low.


You might even lose out on business if you price our papers too high. While plenty of customers might decide to buy our papers from you due to convenience or brand loyalty, if they see that another shop offers our iconic $100 bill rolling papers for a lower price, they might choose to go to that store for all of their smoking needs.


Don’t set the price on our papers so low that you can’t turn a profit, but don’t price them so high that you’ll drive away business. Keep in mind that if you price our papers high, you can temporarily increase your sell-through rate by holding periodic sales.


5. Explain the Benefits

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What is he or she looking for in a rolling paper? What do your customers value about our rolling papers?


As you’ve spent some time selling our cones and paper wallets, you’ve probably heard the same types of feedback again and again. Empire Rolling Papers have made your customers the life of the party, and their peers have been impressed by the ingenious design and obvious quality of our papers.


There’s a simple formula for expressing the value of our papers to customers who aren’t quite sold yet: Empire Rolling Papers provide customers with the novelty of pulling out a $100 bill every time they roll a joint without having to worry about sub-par materials or toxic dyes. While our papers have the “cool” factor on lock, they don’t compromise on quality of materials or attention to detail.


Most consumers are used to dealing with reduced quality whenever they want to try something that’s extra fun or out of the norm. When you explain that Empire Rolling Papers provide all of the benefits of top-tier papers while also offering a design that conveys a sense of fun and luxury status, they’ll be sold in no time.


6. Add on and Upsell

Say a customer comes into your shop specifically to buy one of our rolling paper wallets. He or she might be aware of our joint cones, but you shouldn’t assume that’s the case. Every time a customer buys one of our products but not the other, you’ve lost a chance to blow through your inventory like a champ.


Our rolling paper products are designed to complement each other. Our rolling paper wallets are great for everyday rolling needs, but our cones are there for customers who want to blow their friends away with massive joints covered with $100 bill imagery.


No customer should be without both products; every time that a customer tries to check out with only one of our products, briefly explain the benefits of the other product. Since no one likes an aggressive salesman, don’t push it. However, you can improve your upsell game in a big way just by taking the time to briefly explain why your customers will want our joint cones if they love our papers or vice versa.


7. Put Your Customer First

It’s understandable that selling lots of $100 bill Empire Rolling Papers is your top priority as a business owner. However, it’s fair to say that most customers won’t share your goal; to them, getting in and out the door with the product that they want is most important. Some of them might be happy to be persuaded to fill their shopping carts with a little bit more than they expected, but every customer will be taken aback if you use overly aggressive sales techniques.


Pushing too hard to get the sale will, ironically, make it harder for you to run your business. Stepping back and taking time to understand what customers want will make you more successful than you’d be if you took the pushy approach.


Customers should always feel that you are helping them, and not that they are helping you. In private, you may want to come out on the better end of the deal just as much as your customer does, but in your public dealings with customers, make sure that you always make sales seem mutually beneficial. There’s no bigger turn-off in sales than desperation; stay calm and collected, and remember that the customer is always right.


8. Understand Consumer Psychology

Train your employees to recognize patterns in the behavior of customers who come through your door; customers with tunnel vision, who seem anxious, or who make a beeline for your Empire Rolling Papers display don’t want to be bothered. While you can gently try to upsell these customers, they mostly want to be left alone.


If a customer comes into your shop with a relaxed smile on his or her face, however, might be open to trying more products. It’s fine to nudge these customers to try our other products if they’re only coming in for a $100 rolling paper wallet or a pack of cones, and you may be able to throw a pipe or another type of accessory into the mix.


Customers in groups are the easiest to upsell. Couples want to impress each other, and larger groups are often happy to pick up larger numbers of products to meet their increased needs.


No matter what, make sure to respect the desires of every customer who comes into your shop. Customers who decide to do business with you have done so because they trust you, and breaking this trust by proving that you’re all about money could destroy a long-term relationship in the making.


9. Have the Right Attitude

If you want to make our papers work for you, you’ll need to want to make it work. While you’ll save time if you don’t educate yourself on the benefits of your products and relegate them to some dark, obscure corner of your store, you might not like what you see when you run the numbers on our products if you take this approach.


Remember that more than 6,000 stores have decided to sell our products. We wouldn’t have that many wholesale clients if our papers didn’t sell; Empire Rolling Papers have huge potential, and it’s up to you to turn that potential into a reality.


We’re always standing by to help you with any questions you have or provide further tips on effective selling techniques. We always love hearing about your success with our papers; tag us on Instagram to show all our followers just how successful our papers have been in your store!