Avero Motion Bathing System


AVERO Motion Bathing System

Product Description:

The AVERO Motion bathing system is an all-in-one bathing and showering solution for residents of all stages of mobility. This unique system offers a relaxing, full-sized bathing experience while streamlining the process and ensuring optimal safety. With its tilting functionality and large door opening, the AVERO Motion allows for easy self-entry while providing unrestricted access for active and passive lifts. Therefore, mobile and partly mobile residents can enter the tub independently, which reduces the risk of slips and injuries. The door area has a flat shape without edges, allowing for easy transfer from wheelchairs.

With its fitted sitting and lying interior shape, the AVERO Motion bathing system is safer than traditional tubs. The interior also provides roomy, comfortable dimensions, providing sufficient space for the upper body, even for larger residents. With a prefilling volume of 26 gallons, this bathing system provides immediate submersion in warm water as soon as it is tilted into the horizontal position. Therefore, residents don’t have to wait uncomfortably for a cold tub to fill up with water, making the process more pleasant and less stressful. The tub also fills at a rate of 17.5 gallons per minute, expediting and simplifying the entire experience.

Caregivers and medical professionals appreciate the AVERO Motion’s electrical height adjustment feature, which allows them to work at the optimal level with ease. The door latches securely with a safety lock, further ensuring the safety of residents during the bathing process. The viewing direction of the system can be changed easily, affording residents with a full view of the room without an obtrusive operating panel in the way. This helps make the bathing experience more enjoyable and relaxing, giving residents a nice break from their everyday routine.

The AVERO Motion’s air-jet whirlpool system provides a stimulating, massaging experience while ensuring optimal cleansing results. This system can be upgraded in a number of ways, allowing nursing homes and hospitals to provide enhanced levels of care and service if desired. For example, a sound system can be added to the system, providing a soothing musical experience while bathing. The music creates vibrations in the water, producing a truly immersive experience. An optional integrated aromatherapy system is available to enhance the bathing experience further, and a variety of enticing scents is available. Additionally, a colorful light therapy system is available for the AVERO Motion, providing yet another way to ensure optimal well-being from start to finish.

This system also includes a built-in disinfection system, making it easy to provide a safe, hygienic bathing experience for residents of all mobility levels. The AVERO Motion bathing system simplifies the bathing process for caregivers while ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable time for residents, therefore offering the best of both worlds.

Product Specifications:

  • Product weight without packaging: 386 pounds
  • Safe working load limit/SWL: 771 pounds
  • Tub length – entry position: 69.29 inches
  • Tub length – tilted position: 75.12 inches
  • Working height: 31.89 inches to 39.76 inches
  • Lowest entry height: 19.29 inches
  • Pre-filling volume: 98 liters
  • Water drainage: 75 liters per minute
  • Power supply: 10v, 60 Hz
  • Ergonomic hand grips for optimal, safe hold
  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Integrated disinfection system
  • Unrestricted access for passive and active lifts
  • Anti-scalding protection for tub inlet and hand shower
  • Compatible with any transfer device, including floor lifts and stand aids
  • Door latch with safety lock

Optional Features:

  • Musical sound system with water vibration
  • Integrated aromatherapy system
  • Color light therapy system

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