HighBack Sling

Standard model for patients who need a lot of support

HighBackSling is designed for use in most common lifting situations, e.g. for sitting transfers between bed and wheelchair, and when the patient needs extra head support. HighBackSling can also be used for lifting from a recumbent position on the floor.

HighBackSling is available in several different materials, versions and sizes for patients weighing max 300 kg/660 lbs.

Disposable material for optimal hygiene and safety

HighBackSling, disposable, is made of a sturdy, durable non-woven material. Instead of laundering, the lifting sling is discarded after use, when it becomes soiled or when the patient no longer needs it. This prevents the spread of multi-resistant and other types of infectious bacteria. HighBackSling, disposable, is a lifting sling for short-term use and for patients weighing up to max 200 kg/440 lbs.

  • Divided leg supports; easy for the caregiver to apply and remove, the patient does not sit on the lifting sling
  • High back; the patient is supported from the tailbone up over the head and under the legs
  • Slightly reclined seated posture
  • Standard model, suits most patients
  • Removable plastic stays give the head support extra stability
  • HighBackSling in polyester net is available with or without reinforced leg supports
  • Pocket at lower edge for easier application
  • SWL 300 kg/660 lbs (disposable material: SWL 200 kg/440 lbs)