TurnSheet is developed for heavier patients, people with severely reduced functional abilities and people at risks for pressure sores who need assistance with turning in bed.

This device is often used in hospitals and in home care. It lies permanently in the bed and covers all pressure points to efficiently prevent pressure sores from developing. The soft surface on the upper side of theTurnSheet makes it very comfortable to lie on. The mattress cover has flaps that can be fastened to prevent sliding down in bed.

TurnSheet lies on top of a mattress cover which is smooth, low friction in the centre and has a rough anti-slip surface at the sides. This minimizes the risk of the patient sliding out of bed. Naturally, TurnSheet fits most common mattress types and sizes.

TurnSheet is made of microfiber with a thin padding of polyester and ULF (Ultra Low Friction), our own sophisticated sliding material.

  • A thin padding allows TurnSheet to be used on top of different pressure-relieving mattresses.
  • The soft microfiber material makes TurnSheet comfortable in any position.
  • When TurnSheet is rolled up, it can be used as a retaining support behind the patient’s back when lying on the side.