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NEW BENNY™ Cones- 3 Per Tube 4 Tubes (12 Cones Total)

Instead of ink, Empire Papers uses edible vegetable oil coloring for a slower, more natural burn. #passthebenny

  • 12 Crisp New Empire $100 Dollar Bill Cones
  • Free tubes with each purchase so you can have the perfect product container for later
  • Each Note is "Empire Size" 4.2 Inches Long for the perfect sized roll
  • Made with Natural Plant fibers and Non-Toxic Vegetable Oil Coloring so you don't have to worry about consuming it. See our Ingredients List
  • Filters included with each cone for a smoother experience
  • Sticker included so you can represent Empire wherever you want
  • Please Recycle because we care about the planet and you should too
  • Does not contain tobacco or nicotine
  • Tracking Provided


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