504 Global Program

Welcome to our invitation only landing page.  The 504 program was developed to help someone realize their dream of owning their own rolling paper company. We have made entry into this multi billion market within the financial reach of most people. Your fulfillment center is staffed by impaired relentless hero’s in Waynesboro Virginia should you choose to join our team. 

We have the US Patent on the hundred dollar bill rolling paper.  We do not need any funding, we need distribution. Our product is legal anywhere in the world.  We/You are in the paper business. It just is a very specialized segment with extremely high margins. 

We are your manufacturing and marketing partner. We have been featured in some major publications including Time Magazine and Forbes. With over 100,000 Instagram followers, an influencer network reaching 50 million people, over 10 Million papers rolled, and extensive celebrity endorsements we are dedicated to help you succeed. 

Our current retailers are selling the two products in the $3.00 to $5.00 range depending on venue. Concerts $5, Nightclubs $5, Convenience Stores $3-4. You set your own pricing strategy depending upon market.  
My advice is to start with our minimum order of 504 units. I would order 10 cases of cones, and 11 cases of wallets. I would then use one of the cases of wallets (480 papers) as give away samples to stimulate sales. Actual sales will then tell you which product is more popular among your customer base. We promise to provide the very highest quality product with availability. Developing a marketing plan and executing it is your responsibility.  

Major Opportunities:
  • Global Amazon Selling Opportunity: 20 Countries on Amazon are desperately seeking Empire Rolling Benny Papers (USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, China) 
  • We continue to have purchase requests from these countries, but without a distribution network we cannot fill their order, losing not only the sale, but market exposure as well.
This is an opportunity for you to be in the 420 business space with a proven product for $504.00. Build a business in 2020 and invest in yourself.

Trent Gourley
International Sales
Direct: +1 (310) 993-2143
Email: TrentGourley@icloud.com
Logistic Information: 
Shipping: FOB Origin Waynesboro Virginia
HS Tariff Code: 48131000
Count: 504 Units = 21 display boxes
Measurements: 16x16x10 in.
Weight: 14 lbs. 

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