C-1000 Ceiling Lift

SKU: C1000CL


With a safe working load capacity of up to 1,000 pounds, the C-1000 fixed ceiling lift provides safe patient handling for bariatric patients while offering the many benefits that have made SPH Medical’s C-series lifts among the leading products in the industry. This versatile overhead patient lift has thoughtful features that enhance the safety and comfort of patients and caregivers alike, including an easy-to-use pneumatic hand control, a digital display with diagnostic information and an array of carry bar sizes and configurations. As an added bonus, the C-1000 tandem system is also available, providing extra control and power for facilities that need them.

Located under the lift, the digital display for the C-1000 fixed ceiling lift features useful information that simplifies maintenance and other upkeep. Information includes the total number of lifts performed, lift status and remaining battery life, providing at-a-glance information for busy caregiving professionals. The system is controlled via a pneumatic hand control; a lack of electric components enhances overall safety while ensuring whisper-quiet operation. Buttons are brightly colored, and directional information is prominently displayed, allowing for precise control.

The C-1000 lift is designed for easy maintenance. Many tasks can be completed while the unit is still on the track, including swapping out the battery. Much of the time, only the bottom cover has to be removed. This reduces downtime and simplifies the process of keeping the lift in good working order.

Two charging options are available for this overhead patient lift: constant charge and return to charge. Constant charge continuously charges the unit wherever it is along the track while return to charge only charges the unit when positioned at a certain point along the track.

Aging lift systems can be upgraded quickly with the C-1000 patient lift. It can be retrofitted or adapted onto track systems from all major lift manufacturers, providing an affordable and easy upgrade option. Additionally, this lift can be used with customized ceiling track systems that transport patients from beds to chairs to baths or even from their room to other parts of the facility.

This state-of-the-art bariatric patient lift also includes a versatile array of carry bar options. Spring latch and bull horn connectors are available. There are several bar widths to choose from, making it easy to accommodate patients of many sizes while ensuring safety and comfort. The quick-release system makes short work of attaching and removing carry bars; just hold open the latch, rotate the lock and attach or remove the bar.

The C-1000 tandem system, which is also available, provides the same features as the regular, single-motor system while incorporating a second motor and a two-track design. Under this configuration, caregivers can lift a patient’s torso and legs separately, making it easier to maintain the right angle for precise positioning.

Product Specifications

  • Safe Working Load: Up to 1,000 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.1 inches long by 7.5 inches wide by 10.2 inches high
  • Unit Weight: 24.5 pounds
  • Hand Control: Pneumatic
  • Safety Features: Emergency stop, emergency lowering device, emergency manual lowering
  • Service Life: 10 years, or 22,500 cycles
  • Lifting Range: Up to 96 inches
  • Bariatric lift system accommodates patients up to 1,000 pounds
  • Safe patient handling can be enhanced via C-1000 tandem system option
  • Multiple carry bar sizes and configurations available, including two- and four-point sling bars and spring latch or bull horn connectors
  • Quick-release system for easy carry bar removal and attachment
  • Pneumatic hand control ensures quiet, easy operation
  • Digital display with diagnostic information for easy maintenance
  • Constant charge and return to charge options available