C-625 Ceiling Lift

SKU: C-625CL

C-625 Ceiling Lift

The C-625 overhead patient lift provides safe, convenient patient handling at an affordable price point for patients of up to 625 pounds. This model is part of SPH Medical’s C series line, which has been setting industry standards for more than 10 years. With its affordable price, exceptional reliability and practical handling, the C-625 fixed ceiling lift is an excellent option for nursing homes and related facilities. Thoughtful features, including a quick-release system, a pneumatic hand control and multiple carry bar sizes, make this model a real standout in the world of overhead patient lifts.

Caregivers appreciate the easy-to-use hand control that comes with this lift, which makes it a breeze to safely transport patients into and out of bed, into and out of bathtubs and showers and even from their room to other parts of a facility. The pneumatic control features large, colorful buttons with clear directional markers. There are no electrical components, which enhances overall safety and keeps noise to a minimum.

The C-625 lift can be combined with state-of-the-art customized ceiling track systems for exceptional versatility. It can also be adapted or retrofitted for use with all track systems from today’s major manufacturers, allowing facilities to quickly and easily upgrade aging systems, improving efficiency and safety.

An array of carry bars is available for this overhead patient lift, allowing facilities to accommodate patients of many sizes and personal preferences while enhancing safety. Bull horn and spring latch connectors are available, expanding the versatility of the system. A lineup of bar widths is also available, making it easy to accommodate everyone from small children to bariatric patients. Carry bars are also available in configurations for two- and four-point sling bars, making it easy to customize this system as needed.

The C-625 patient lift also features a quick-release system that simplifies the process of attaching and removing carry bars. Hold the latch open, rotate the lock and then attach or remove the bar – it’s that easy. This feature saves time and improves safety, making life easier for caregivers and residents alike.

A digital display located underneath the lift provides useful information regarding the device, including battery life, number of lifts and lift status. This helps to ensure that the device stays properly maintained, extending its overall lifespan. The lift is designed with easy servicing and maintenance in mind. The battery can be swapped out while the unit is still on the track, and the bottom cover can be removed while on the track for many maintenance tasks, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

The C-625 fixed ceiling lift is available in constant charge and return to charge configurations. With constant charge, the unit charges wherever it is on the track; with return to charge, it only charges while positioned along a designated part of the track.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 12.5 inches long by 5.7 inches wide by 8.6 inches tall
  • Safe Working Load: 625 pounds
  • Unit Weight: 24 pounds
  • Safety Features: Emergency lowering device, emergency stop, emergency manual lowering
  • Hand Control: Pneumatic
  • Service Life: 10 years, or 22,500 cycles
  • Lifting Range: Up to 96 inches
  • Large control buttons with clear directional markers
  • Digital display provides crucial information, including battery life
  • Easy maintenance right on the track in many cases
  • Quick-release system for easy attachment and removal of carry bars
  • Multiple carry bar sizes with bull horn or spring latch connectors
  • Constant charge or return to charge available