EVE! – Shower Chair and Bathing Lift


EVE Shower Chair Bathing Lift System

Product Description:

Bathe and shower residents easily and effectively with the EVE Shower Chair Bathing Lift system. Designed entirely out of aluminum and stainless steel, this device has a lightweight design that makes it easy to maneuver and manage. This easy-to-drive lift is 100% waterproof, so it can be effectively used as a shower chair too, making it a versatile option for nursing homes and other facilities. On top of that, this lift system is compatible with all existing care baths; residents can even be transferred from the NORA sit and stand to this lift with ease.

With its battery-powered electric drive, this lift system is easy to operate and maneuver. Ergonomic safety handlebars further enhance maneuverability, making it a snap to safely move residents into and out of various types of care baths. Dual controls – one on the pillar and one on the handheld cable remote control set – allow this system to be operated by one or two caregivers, ensuring optimal versatility. Its low entry height and thoughtful chassis shape make it compatible for use with residents across various mobility levels, streamlining the bathing or showering process. The safety steering handles securely enclose the resident, ensuring optimal safety from start to finish.

Because this lift system is completely waterproof, with IPX4-rated protection, it can be effectively used as a shower chair as well. It includes a height-adjustment feature that is highly variable, allowing caregivers to achieve the appropriate amount of lift as needed. Height adjustment is very quiet, keeping residents calm and allowing them to enjoy the bathing process more effectively. The seat is padded for optimal comfort and includes a hygiene opening for cleansing intimate areas with ease. Closed, easy-to-manage double rollers enhance maneuverability, and the rear casters include a braking system for exceptional control and security.

In addition to being highly maneuverable for caregivers and safe and comfortable for residents, this bathing lift system includes high-tech features that make life easier. Its battery and charger are compatible with all BEKA Hospitec lifts, and spare batteries and charging systems are available for added flexibility. A built-in door with an emergency stop provides for easy battery access and removal. The control unit includes an integrated service module that reports mechanical issues and provides maintenance reminders. Battery charging status is prominently displayed, ensuring that the device can be used without interruption.

Like many shower chairs and lift systems, several optional upgrades are available for this model. These include an extra battery-charging unit and a spare battery. Additionally, a digital patient scale is available for use with this system, allowing caregivers to bathe and weigh residents in one fell swoop for maximum efficiency.

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum patient weight: 407 pounds
  • Weight without packaging: 139 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37.40 inches long by 26.77 inches wide by 48.82 inches high
  • Lifting height: 19.49 inches to 41.93 inches
  • Waterproofing: IPX4
  • Double casters: 3.94 inches diameter each; braking system on both back wheels
  • Chassis height: 5.51 inches
  • Battery: 24 volt
  • Lightweight aluminum and stainless steel design
  • Ergonomic safety handlebars enclose resident
  • Quiet, variable height adjustment
  • Low entry height and chassis shape for problem-free self entry
  • Battery and charger compatible with all BEKA Hospitec lifts
  • Closed, easy-to-drive double casters
  • Dual control units – handset and pillar
  • Integrated service module for maintenance and operational status
  • 100% usable as a shower chair thanks to waterproof design

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