ReTurnBelt – when extra support is needed

ReTurnBelt is an excellent complement to ReTurn when more support and stability is needed, for instance when the patient’s weight bearing ability is questionable or varied. ReTurnBelt can also be used stand alone for sit–to-stand, transfer and gait training procedures.  It is also compatible with the QuickMove for ambulation!

ReTurnBelt is the belt that doesn’t slide up!

ReTurnBelt has an anti-slip inside of PU-coated nylon and can therefore be used in environments where moisture and dampness are present or when there ar special hygiene requirements. The material also makes sure ReTurnBelt stays in place.

ReTurnBelt is easily placed around the patient’s hips. The buckle is easy to open, close and to adjust. Two strong, stable and gripfriendly handles on each side of the belt provides a safe grip for the caregiver.

SupportStraps can be used as side support when using ReTurnBelt together with ReTurn.