Symphonia SOFTWARE

Symphonia is a software developed by Inventis, which allows you to simulate a realistic sound environment and make the patient feel the benefits provided by advanced hearing aid features, without having to leave the room. You only need a specific multichannel USB soundcard connected to the PC and a set of loudspeakers to make it work.


Symphonia provides background noises recorded with special multichannel microphones, and reproducing them with an advanced algorithm makes the patient actually feel inside a realistic external environment.


Voices or musical instruments can be added to the sound field and moved all around the patient, to simulate directional sounds coming from different directions (up to 3 different sound sources). It is also possible to add custom sound files to the library and use them as additional sources.


The loudspeakers configuration is flexible: it consists of 3 to 8 active or passive loudspeakers (an additional multichannel amplifier is required in the latter case) placed freely from 1 to 2 meters around the place where the patient sits.


Symphonia allows you to control sounds emission with real dB SPL values (from 50 to 85): for this reason, a calibration procedure is available. Also, any asymmetrical disposition of loudspeakers is automatically compensated.