SYNAPSYS MED4 Rotary chair

The Synapsys MED4 rotary chair completes the battery of video-nystagmographic tests with rotational kinetic exams.

The kinetic tests allow the study of nystagmus induced by angular accelerations applied to the vestibular system, with or without visual reference.

Through Synapsys VNG software, you can control the position of MED4 chair and the amount of energy released to the labyrinth. These examinations then allow the precise calculation of vestibular gain, phase, symmetry and time constants.



MED4 rotary chair can be used in manual mode or controlled by the Synapsys VNG software, and allows to perform a wide range of kinetic examinations. Sixteen stimulation waveforms are available, including various sine waveforms, multi-frequency, speed step and sudden stop tests.



The MED4 rotary chair can be used for any other vestibular test, including, of course, kinetic tests. The fully reclining backrest allows the patient to be easily positioned at 30° for caloric tests or in a supine position for BPPV treatment maneuvers.



The MED4 rotary chair, which perfectly integrates with the Synapsys VNG system, is the ideal tool to integrate and complete your balance clinic and examine low and medium frequencies.


Control Manual or automatic
Available predefined profiles Sinus (Burst, SHA, multi-frequency sweep)
Step test
Available results Graphics (head movement velocity, slow phase cumulative, ocular position, Freyss diagram, gain/phase/period graph)
VOR gain
Phase, Period
Directional Preponderance
Maximum slow phase velocity
Per- and post-rotator time constants
Values Maximum speed : 200°/s
Maximum acceleration : 100°/s
Electrical characteristics Tension of the analogical instruction for speed / position: 0-5 V
Tension of the analogical position recopy: 0-5 V
Tension of the computer digital signals: level TTL 0-5 V
Tension of the remote-control signals: ± 10 V
Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz / 120 V 60 HZ
Power consumption: 700 W
Protection through a magnetic-thermal overall switch
Mechanical characteristics Pedestal weight: 95 kg (209.5 lb)
Saddlery weight: 42 kg (92.6 lb) (ref. SEM4 - waterproof covering – fireproof M1)
Maximum load (patient maximum weight):130 kg (286.6 lb)
Reclining positions from 0 degree (upright) to 90 degrees (flat)
Remote control with cable allowing set up of the different profiles generated by the electronic card
Connection cable / computer allowing computer to control MED 4 chair functioning Slip ring for video signal transmission during chair rotation