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Yes! Not every printed rolling paper brand shares our commitment to safety and quality. However, thousands of stores have partnered with us because they recognize that our soy-based coloring agents result in high-quality papers that our customers love. Our printed $100 bill papers are fully compliant with FDA and CSPC guidelines, and we perform in-house testing to ensure that every batch of papers complies with our strict quality requirements. The coloring agents we use are good enough to eat, which means that they're good enough to smoke. Plus, we're always working to make our papers even better!

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Over the years, we've developed a natural, plant-based printing method that's second to none in the industry. That's why we go so far as to 100 percent guarantee our $100 bill papers. If you aren't completely satisfied with your papers, we won't rest until we've made it right. However, the success of our papers hasn't been without its downsides; there are plenty of copycat companies out there that are stealing out style and putting customers at risk with their sub-par products. To make sure you get the pleasurable smoking experience you're looking for, ensure that your Empire rolling papers are genuine before you light up. Check the seller information below to make sure that you're buying your Empire papers from verified retailers!

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What is it like to Pass the benny?

You can feel the music bumping through the concrete as you pull up. As you walk through the door, all eyes are on you as friends and strangers wait expectantly to see what you'll bring. Suddenly, you crack a smile and pull out a pack of Empire $100 bill rolling papers. Curious voices start to murmur through the room, and as the flame of your lighter slowly ignites your cone, everyone excitedly flocks to you for their chance to get in on your unique smoking experience. Each person you pass your burning Benjamin to is blown away by your top-notch choice in papers, and as they blow out the smoke from your cone, you know that you've become the life of the party.

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Pass The Benny

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