8 Cannabis Marketing Trends 2022

8 Cannabis Marketing Trends 2022 | Empire Rolling Papers

8 Cannabis Marketing Trends 2022
2022 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for the cannabis industry. Cannabis is not only becoming more socially acceptable, but consumer education about cannabis products is also inspiring variety in the industry. As consumers learn more about strains, terpenes, concentrates and other cannabis products, the industry flourishes with innovative tech, branding opportunities and possible legislative changes.

Let’s look at some of the emerging trends for the cannabis industry in 2022.

1. Terpenes, what are they? How do they Work?

One of the foremost emerging trends in the cannabis industry are terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds. These compounds are found in plants and some animals. Terpenes provide the aromas, flavors, and colors that identify various types of vegetation.

In cannabis, terpenes are responsible for the scent and flavor profiles of certain strains. Additionally, the terpene profile of a strain, theoretically work with the cannabinoid content to produce the effects associated with certain strains. Consumers can expect their budtenders to discuss the different properties and effects of terpene profiles.

As cannabis consumers become more canna-savvy, marketers are expected to capitalize on loyalty to different “terp” profiles.

2. Who Makes My Favorite Strain?

As cannabis consumption becomes more widespread, bud branding continues to grow. In 2022 expect to see more bud cultivators growing more than plants. Unlike the early days of dispensaries, where your budtender would guide you toward a particular strain based on your preferences, strains are being branded by cannabis companies.

By branding strains, prepackages, and concentrates, cannabis companies are expanding their brands nationally. Marketers know, there is nothing the consumer loves more than brand loyalty. As David Paleschuck writes in his bestselling book, Branding Bud: The Commercialization of Cannabis, “There are brand archetypes, and they keep on repeating themselves and in different ways in different states. If somebody is really into the cultivators, that’s an archetype. Or there are nostalgic brands. So really it was that epiphany.”

3. Wellness, it's a lifestyle

From the beginning the cannabis industry’s connection to wellness has been thoroughly documented. In 2022, that trend will become even stronger as cannabis consumption spreads nationally. To reach new consumers, marketers will continue to focus on the connection between holistic wellness and cannabis use.

Even celebrities are getting in on the act, from Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber to Martha Stewart, whose CBD gummy products claim to “make wellness an easier choice every day.” The benefits of cannabis use have long been proven. Doctors, scientists, and cannabis experts agree that cannabis consumption, in particular CBD can treat a variety of ailments like anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

Canna-brands will continue to educate consumers about the use of tinctures, salves and concentrates in their every day lives. Showing consumers how cannabis products can be incorporated in self-improvement routines and workouts will certainly draw cannabis-curious consumers to the industry.

4. Concentrates, concentrates, concentrates

Industry insiders are working hard developing new extraction technology that is safer, more effective, and sustainable. Accordingly, concentrates will be a large marketing focus in the coming year. Currently more than 1,000 chemical constituents and compounds have been identified in the cannabis plant, each with different properties that require various drying and extracting methods to produce a quality product.

Innovation in extraction technology such as vapor static extraction (developed by Boulder Creek Technologies) is just one of the many new techniques that will become more prolific in the future. Concentrates are driving a huge portion of the cannabis industry as evidenced by a surge in sales in recent years. Experts predict that sales in concentrates could reach as high as $14 billion by 2026.

Additionally, look for newer concentrate products such as diamonds and sugars, products of the recrystallization process that produce a concentrated product. Diamonds and sugars are made with solutions that are saturated with cannabinoids and left to cool over time. More innovative approaches including artificial intelligence (AI) is creating a more efficient and stable extraction process.

5. Consumption Lounge For Adults Only

Consumption lounges have been a topic of conversation since the beginning of cannabis legalization. In 2022, consumption lounges are not only a dream, but they’re also becoming reality. From the Speakeasy Vape Lounge & Cannabis Club Dab Bar located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace north of Downtown Las Vegas, consumption lounges are the next hot marketing trend in 2022.

Changing legislation in states like Nevada will see a surge in adults-only consumption lounges across the country. As people begin to emerge into public spaces again, experts believe consumption lounges will be as popular as bars and hookah lounges.

6. Cannabis, Stirred Not Shaken

In addition to concentrates, edibles are another popular segment of the cannabis industry that is growing rapidly. Cannabis beverages are at the top of the list for digestible cannabis products, and the trend will not slow down in 2022. As an alternative to alcohol, cannabis beverages are gaining popularity at social functions.

Additionally, marketers find it easier to market cannabis beverages to cannabis consumers, increasing the market’s growth.
Industry experts are excited about the growing trend of cannabis beverages, Growers and cannabis brands alike enjoy the experimental nature of creating cannabis beverages. Beverages allow companies to play with flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoid combinations to elicit a variety of experiences.

With delicious flavors and easy consumption, it’s no wonder that cannabis beverages will be a continuing popular trend in 2022 and the years beyond.

7. Speaking of flavonoids…
Another component of the cannabis plant, flavonoids have become a popular focus in recent years. As consumer education increase, so does the consumer’s taste. Cannabis brands and marketers are aware of this and aim to provide quality product to meet demand. Additionally, cannabis brands hope to make their products stand out among the thousands of cannabis products popping up every year. Flavonoids are a great way to accomplish that feat.

Flavonoids are phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables. In addition to carotenoids, they provide fruits and vegetables with their colors. Further, flavonoids are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. Flavonoids are also beneficial to the immune system.

Similarly, cannabis flavonoids give certain strains their appearance and provide therapeutic benefits as well. The combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body to produce various medicinal and psychoactive effects. Unfortunately, general cannabis consumers are unaware of the benefits of cannabis flavonoids.

However, while consumer education about flavonoids is sparse, experts in the industry hope to fill this gap in 2022 through bolstered bud tender training and more general awareness about flavonoids. Industry insiders claim that consumers aren’t aware of how customizable their cannabis experience can be. They hope that by educating the average cannabis consumer about cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoid combinations, they can provide the ultimate cannabis experience.

8. Cannabis, Technology, and the Future

Extraction technology isn’t the only tech in the cannabis industry. As with most products these days, consumers can expect to see QR codes o product packaging, smart vape technology, and a host of other tech tools to help gauge the cannabis experience.
Smart vape pens have been around for a couple of years; experts believe their popularity will only grow as cannabis consumers become more familiar with them. The app-based technology provides users with the ultimate cannabis experience, allowing them to adjust dosage amounts.

According to the makers of Mode, a smart vape pen, the device uses a “high-res pressure sensor,” a and a prediction algorithm to determine the amount a person inhales and how many milligrams are consumed per puff.

Another popular product for cannabis users, the OTTO, is marketed to cannabis users who prefer to imbibe cannabis in more “traditional,” ways. The OTTO is an all-in-one tool that grinds, fills and roles cannabis with just the push of a button. Gone are the days of messy rolling papers, stubborn cigarette rollers, and overpriced grinders, cannabis consumers will enjoy this product.

Technologies like these not only enhance the cannabis experience for the user, but it also provides insight to cannabis companies about the most effective ways to develop and market their products.

In Summary

No doubt, 2022 will be an exciting year for the cannabis industry. With emerging technologies developed to deliver a satisfying cannabis experience and greater extraction techniques, the cannabis industry is quickly expanding. Because of this expansion, a greater of variety of cannabis products is attracting new consumers and exciting brand loyalists alike.

Smart-vape pens and other cannabis-related tech will help consumers understand how customizing their cannabis experience is important as a cannabis consumer. Helpfully, the industry is prepared to lead consumers in the right direction with increased bud-tending training and general cannabis education.

Accordingly, as legislation changes across the country, and more states legalize cannabis, marketing trends will continue to develop for this fast-growing industry. Expect to see further product development in cannabis beverages, while cannabis brands will not only reach national acclaim, but internationally as well.

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