Cannabis Themed Bachelorette Party - Celebrating The Big Day with Custom Cones

Cannabis Themed Bachelorette Party - Celebrating The Big Day with Custom Cones | Empire Rolling Papers

Cannabis Themed Bachelorette Party - Celebrating The Big Day with Custom Cones
If you are planning a cannabis themed bachelorette party for a friend or relative and you want to create a unique experience, get custom cones of Empire rolling papers in which to smoke the cannabis. These custom Benny cones of rolling papers have hundred dollar bills printed on them using vegetable oil. No need to use tobacco wraps to roll the cannabis to get the nice, slow, even burn cannabis smokers love. The edible vegetable oil colored Empire rolling cones naturally burn slow and give you a chance to really enjoy the flavor of the cannabis.

Smoke Like A Boss

When you are celebrating the big day, you and all your guests can smoke like a boss by rolling up your cannabis in $100.bills or Bennies. When you hand out Benny cones and Benny papers you will see bright smiles on the faces of all your guests. Most people only dream of rolling up their cannabis in hundred dollar bills. When you give them out as party favors, you will please and excite your guests with the custom cones. They will also stick a few of them in their purse so they can smoke like at boss when they get home. Handing out Benny cones and the Benny papers is sure to be a big hit with your guests.

Make Your Bachelorette Party Memorable

When you hand out Benny cones at your bachelorette party, you can rest assured it will be a memorable event. Your guests will be talking about it and lighting up Bennies long after the party is over. Benny cones are the ultimate party favor for the cannabis crowd. No matter what type of food and entertainment you have at the celebration, your Bennies will make it more fun. Picture your guests puffing on hundred dollar bills and dancing and having a good time. It's sure to be a night to remember. Having a male
stripper and good drinks is standard bachelorette party fare. Handing out Benny cones will make your party memorable.

Imagine The Pictures

Everyone is going to want to take pictures puffing on a Benny. The Bennies you hand out are going to be in countless selfies. Your guests will want to have pictures of themselves puffing on hundred dollar bills to show to all the cannabis lovers they know. The Benny cones you pass out during your celebration will be the talk of the town when the pictures get passed around. People will want close-up shots to make sure people see them puffing on a Benny. Pictures of your guests puffing on cannabis filled Bennies will be all over town. People will print them out, blow them up and put the pictures of themselves puffing on Bennies on their walls.

Millions Of Bennies Rolled

Bennies are growing in popularity. Over 10 million Benny cones and papers have been sold. Empire brand has a hit on its hand. Your bachelorette celebration will stand out from the crowd when all your guests are puffing on Bennies. It's definitely all about the Benjamins. Benny cones will liven up any gathering. It will be the first time many of your guests will ever see a Benny cone and experience smoking their cannabis in one. These high quality, smooth, even and slow burning papers are sure to be a hit. Guests at your party will all want to know where they can get Benny cones. You could end up being a trailblazer who starts a new bachelorette party tradition.

A Wide Range Of Flavors

One of the reasons people love the Empire papers Benny cones is because they come in a wide range of flavors. Your bachelorette party guests can be puffing on $100 bill papers with flavors like Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow and Godfather OG. These ultra thin Benny cone papers will give you hours of smoking pleasure. Your party guests will get to try several flavors and find a favorite. They will always remember where they were when they first experienced the smooth, tasty flavor of cannabis in a Benny cone. Your bachelorette party will become legendary for turning the crowded on to flavorful, ultra thin Benny cones.

Exclusive Collections

Benny cones and papers are available in several unique collections. You can get these ultra thin cones of Empire rolling papers in the 4 item Pure Collection, the 6 item Color Collection featuring ultra thin rainbow cones rolling papers and the 5 item Designer Collection with its ultra thin K4 cones. Every time you puff on a Benny cone you can have a new and unique experience. Take your enjoyment of cannabis to a whole new level with the Empire Rolling Papers Benny cones. People all over the U.S.A. are trying Benny cones and loving it. Just visit to see all of their products.

A Clean Tobacco-Free Alternative

Empire Papers Benny cones provide a clean, tobacco-free, fantastic alternative to the blunt smoke sessions that are popular today. Empire Papers Benny cones are light, easy to roll and smoke evenly and beautifully. Plus, the $100 print on the Benny cones are made from an edible vegetable solution. Grab a pack and try them out. It can make your cannabis smoking session cleaner. Just rolling it up in Benny cones with a $100 dollar bill printed on it makes smoking cannabis more fun. Many people say it the best smoking papers they have ever tried.

Smooth And Long-Lasting

People love smoking with Empire Paper’s Benny cones and sheets. Once they try a Benny cone, they don't want any other brand. People consistently say Benny cones are the smoothest, longest lasting rolling paper they have ever tried. Benny cones are the brand of rolling papers people who have tried them recommend to their cannabis smoking friends when they are having parties. Plus, Benny cones are a great gift for anyone you know who smokes cannabis. Once people see you smoking cannabis in a $100 bill Benny cone they always ask where you got it.

A Better Brand Of Rolling Papers

If you smoke cannabis regularly and you want to cut back on tobacco wraps, try Empire Papers' Benny cones. The papers are ultra thin, yet they burn evenly as well as nice and slow. It is one of the best brands of rolling papers on the market today. You can experiment with other brands of rolling papers or you can go with the best. Benny cones are very thin and burn very smoothly. If you try it once you'll want to switch to it and use it every time you are rolling up your cannabis. Many people are drawn to Empire brand Benny cones because it looks like a $100 bill, but keep using it because of its high quality.

Made By Aqua Lab Technologies

Empire rolling papers in manufactured by Aqua Lab Technologies. The unmistakable Benny cones and rolling papers have an authentic design as part of this original product. The Benny cones and ultra thin wraps are organic, made without artificial chemicals and have a great pure taste. This unique, wholesome product has an appearance that turns heads and a range of flavors that are unforgettable. The quality ingredients that go into the making of the Empire Products Benny cones and wraps help them to burn slowly and easily and allows users to better enjoy their cannabis. Do yourself a favor and try a Benny cone the next time you smoke some cannabis.

One Of A Kind Rolling Papers

There is nothing quite like Empire rolling papers and Benny cones. They have a one of a kind appearance, flavor and smoking experience. People are showing them off in their celebrity videos and on their Instagram accounts. The popularity of Empire Rolling Papers' $100 dollar bill Benny cones is spreading like wildfire. If you want to turn heads and make a statement with your rolling papers, use Empire's Benny cones. It can add a little something extra to your swag when people see you puffing cannabis in a $100 dollar bill. They will know for sure you are a boss. Benny cones are super cool.

Non-Toxic Natural Ingredients

Empire Rolling Papers Benny cones are made with non-toxic, natural ingredients. The $100 dollar bill graphics are made using edible vegetable oil coloring. Slow burning Benny cones do not contain any tobacco or nicotine. Made with premium ingredients, the Benny cones come in 'Empire Size'. That's 4.3 inches in length. There are 10 hundred dollar bill rolling papers in each pack. Want to add some class to your rolling papers? Get some Benny cones. Its unique look and smooth taste is like nothing else in stores today. Natural, non-toxic Benny cones is a wonderful way to enjoy smoking cannabis.

Pick Your Pack

Want to try Empire rolling papers or Benny cones? You can get the $100 notes rolling papers in 4 packs or Benny cones in 3 packs at You can also contact the Empire Rolling Papers headquarters on East Market Street, Leesburg, Virginia.