Empire Rolling Announces Exciting New Partnership With Mr. Checkout

Empire Rolling Announces Exciting New Partnership With Mr. Checkout - Empire Rolling Papers

DULLES, Virginia-- January 31, 2018

Empire Rolling (Website) the leading manufacturer of printed on rolling papers, announced today their partnership with Mr. Checkout Distributors.

Empire Rolling is strategically expanding their distribution network by bringing on Mr. Checkout as a partner. Empire Rolling is maximize their signature $100 Bill Rolling Papers as well as positioning themselves to introduce some exciting new products.

Kyle Hall, Managing Partner of Empire Rolling Papers, exclaimed “Our continuous refinement of manufacturing operations and product quality uniquely positions ourselves as a premier vendor. As we look to broaden our product offerings, partnering with a professional company like Mr. Checkout was a logical choice.”

David Kay Managing Partner goes on to say “We continue to build strong relationships with key partners that will allow us to distribute our products worldwide and provide accessibility to our customers both in stores and online. Mr. Checkout furthers our U.S. expansion and we are excited about this new partnership.”


About Empire Rolling

Empire Rolling is a leading manufacturer of printed on rolling papers. Empire Rolling is well known for their signature $100 Bill Rolling Paper known as the “Benny” available online and in stores. For more information visit and individuals can follow @empirepapers.

About Mr. Checkout Distributors

Mr. Checkout Distributors, a network of retail distributors and wholesalers, seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and featured in publications such as USA Today, Newsweek, and The Huffington Post, is now distributing Empire Rolling Papers. With over 1000 distributors and wholesalers in their network and more than 35,000 retail locations they service, Mr. Checkout is at the forefront of finding new and inventive products to offer the market. For more information about Mr. Checkout Distributors visit

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