V8 Release - New and Improved Empire Rolling Products

V8 Release - New and Improved Empire Rolling Products | Empire Rolling Papers

V8 Release - New and Improved Empire Rolling Products
What's new with Empire Rolling Company?

As of December 1 of 2021, Empire Rolling company, the premium branded cannabis rolling papers that resemble smoking a doobie with a counterfeit print of a small $100 bill is going through a new revision, version 8.

The company initially released Version 1 in 2017 and has previously announced six other revisions.

With version 8, the main news is that the company has created a thinner, lighter Benny called Benny Lite, and the company has improved their printing and clamped down in intellectual property counterfeiters, of which there are many, in order to protect the companies reputation.

In addition, they've once again improved packing (something the company is continually doing) to help retailers and distributors.

Finally, they have released other new products such as the companies designer collection.

So what is a Benny anyway?

A benny is the companies replication of a one-sided $100 bill into rolling paper size.

A Benny looks so much similar to a US $100 bill which has the street name of a Benjamin, that were they printed in a larger size and on both sides, customers would perhaps go to retail stores and try to pass the bills off as the real thing.

Provided that a U.S. currency image is not larger than .75 percent (or alternatively. 1.50 percent or larger, Federal Law allows imitation bills of any denomination to be printed.

The second requirement is that the imitation currency is printed on one side only. Print on two sides and you risk 15 years in prison for counterfeiting.

Empire Rolling Company takes advantage of this loophole and prints imitations of the most popular currency in the world, the US $100 bill.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, roughly 2/3rd of all $100 bills in existence are held by those in other countries, as many people in other countries fear the collapse or at least mega-inflation of their own currency.

In popular US culture, there are dozens of songs about money, and many of them use or actually resolve around $100 bills.

The US $100 bill evokes a sense of richness, and in fact, drug lord and billionaire Pablo Escobar, when he was on the run in 1992-1993, reportedly burnt over $2 million dollars in $100 bills to keep his daughter Manuela Escobar warm.

So burning a $100 bill is a popular depiction of richness in American culture, and as a consequence, many people who smoke cannabis love the surprise and the shocked look of their friends when they roll up a joint with what appears to be a $100 bill.

Just about the only thing different between a US dollar bill, besides using a different counterproof paper and the obvious security measures in a real $100 bill is that underneath Benjamin Franklin's picture is the word Benny instead of the work Franklin, and the bills are printed to say, Not Legal Tender.

Other than that they are almost an identical mirror, although the new Benny lite, which uses thinner paper, has the words "Lite" in green print, embossed atop the Federal Reserve Seal.

But for cannabis fans, the Empire rolling papers elicit a sense of luxury when they are smoking, and that's good enough for most.

A natural product

Obviously, even if you are Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, you wouldn't want to use a real $100 bill as use for a rolling paper because chances are the inks used would taste

However, Empire rolling papers are made from natural, fibers such as flax, hemp, or wood fibers and are printed from plant-based, vegan material. They are flavor-free and have no chemicals which will impede your smoking pleasure.

Do not buy subsitutes

Among the biggest concerns of Empire Rolling is counterfeit rolling papers.

Many companies have noted the popularity of the Empire brand, and are doing their best to cash in on the marketing trend.

Consumers might think, "Well that's just the capitalistic system at work," and to be frank, most cannabis smokers don't care where their rolling papers are produced, but rather how cheap they are, and how soon they can get their hands on them.

Fortunately, Empire's brand of rolling papers is extremely popular, so there is no problem with supply. They are even sold on Amazon.

However, a clever marketing scheme is not the only thing that Empire brand has going for it.

Not only does Empire use all-natural ingredients, so there is no smell or harsh flavor attached to them, but Empire carefully crafts their rolling papers to burn slowly.

With a typical cannabis joint, rolled in rolling papers, the effect of the joint may last only around 10 minutes, whereas your cannabis is likely to burn for a full 20 minutes using Empire Rolling Papers.

In addition to the flavor that can be added by using non-vegan, quality inks, using an imitation Empire rolling paper can induce fits of coughing and more.

To notice the Empire difference, the company produced a video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeulJCDUt54 that dramatically shows the difference between genuine, slow-burning Empire rolling papers and counterfeit brands.

In the video, not only does the counterfeit Empire burn much faster, but the ash of the joint with a counterfeit Empire rolling paper looks more like carbon than the familiar grey ash of a typical joint.

Empire goes to great lengths to protect its proprietary product by embossing a gold hologram on the packaging and embedding two watermarks on the Benny along with a blue strip logo on the bill.

In addition, Empire uses quality Arabic gum seals on their product for easy sealing, and if you have difficulty in sealing your joint it may not be a genuine Empire Product.

Look also carefully at the packaging, and note whether the companies website at https://empirerolling.com/ is displayed on the packaging along with the gold holographic seal.

If you do not see this, or even worse, if your rolling papers come to you in the mail simply sealed in a plastic baggy, it is very likely counterfeit.

How much do they cost?

All-Empire products, because they are made with quality materials, may cost a little bit more, but if you regularly smoke joints, you can get them significantly cheaper than the suggested price of $9.99 for a package of 10.

In fact, if you go through Amazon and buy your rolling papers in bulk in a package of 8, which will have 160 rolling papers, you can bring the cost down to about 12 cents each.

Yes, there are cheaper rolling papers, sometimes as low as around 3 cents each when bought in bulk, but you don't really know about the quality.

Always inventive

The vast majority of Empire's customers are wholesalers which in turn sell to legal dispensaries and smoke shops everywhere.

The company views itself more like a software company, constantly listening to wholesaler feedback which is one of the reasons that Empire has released the Benny Lite rolling papers, as a result of feedback that customers are desirous of obtaining a purer smoke.

Empire Rolling has a huge influencer marketing team behind it, so the company is increasingly famous in the cannabis industry, and the company has one of the most innovative design teams in the cannabis industry.

As always, the company repeats that its rolling papers are used for legally sold, non-tobacco use, and agrees and complies with all state regulations that users must be over 18 to legally purchase their product.