7 Vacation Travel Tips for Cannabis Users

7 Vacation Travel Tips for Cannabis Users | Empire Rolling Papers

7 Vacation Travel Tips for Cannabis Users
Mixing adventure with cannabis can bring about for an exciting vacation. Now with cannabis being legal for recreational purposes, a summer vacation can be a great way to merge a special herb with your favorite location.

Although mixing cannabis with your travels is not easy, if your vacation includes driving a good distance, then you may come across trouble in the process. Regardless, when you implement some good tips while following the law, your vacation will become more enjoyable as you light up.

Gather Your Destination´s Information

In order to make the most of your cannabis ¨trip¨, you need to have the most up-to-date information regarding the use of cannabis in the area you are visiting. This way you are able to steer clear of problems that may arise. Begin by writing down some vacation destinations that allow for the consumption of cannabis. Also, check out the area to ensure that it offers what you are looking for. A few of the spots that cater to cannabis include Alaska, Washington, Colorado, and California, to name a few. Additionally, most of the states catering to cannabis allow a certain amount to be in your possession without legal ramifications.

To ensure that your vacation spot is enjoyed as much as possible with marijuana, the destination must be friendly towards it. This will eliminate the need for searching for higher-quality cannabis. Plus, if the vacation spot involves many festivals surrounding marijuana, then you will be able to express your inner pothead.

By undertaking the below tips, you will be able to take off to your vacation destination with cannabis in hand.

1. Designate a Sober Driver

When driving, having one person designated as a sober driver is a good idea. By having a single person designated as the sober driver, you are able to bring along more friends to get high with. This will benefit all passengers and will cause a significant amount of laughter, time will go by fast, your surroundings will become more appealing, nauseousness will not occur, and the music will be enjoyed no matter how terrible it may sound.

For solo trips, make sure that you remain sober at all times. However, this does not mean you do not get to light up. You can easily drive to your destination and then enjoy your cannabis after arriving. This is a good idea because you will be able to enjoy it a lot more.

2. Keep it in One State or Country

On the federal level, it is illegal to transport cannabis across state lines or in and out of the country. This includes traveling from one cannabis-friendly state to another cannabis-friendly state. Although you will unlikely be stopped by the law, it is still not a good idea. This also includes crossing a border into either Canada or Mexico. Before you reach the border crossing make sure that you have no cannabis in your possession.

It is not important if the cannabis needs to be left behind. This will give you a reason to go out and buy some when you get to your destination.

3. Keep the Cannabis out of Reach

No matter how you are traveling, you should keep your marijuana out of sight and out of reach. This will prevent you from having any urges to light up. It will also prevent any further issues if you happen to be stopped by law enforcement. Keep it in places such as the trunk or in your bags. It only takes a small smell of marijuana and the police could have enough cause to have a car searched by a canine. Another way to avoid any smell is by having edibles available. This way you can still get high but without the worry of a suspicious officer trying to find cause for a search.

4. Research Your Destinations Cannabis, Laws, and Sellers

It is always a good idea to know what to expect before you get there. This includes knowing all of the laws and regulations that a city or state has in place. Find out about the strain of marijuana that is sold for recreational purposes, and where the sellers are located within the destination area. Ensure that a medical marijuana card is not required. However, if you do have a medical marijuana card, it is a good idea to check and see if your card is recognized before you get there. You need to keep in mind that although a state may have legalized the sale of cannabis, there may be some smaller cities that continue to outlaw it.

To find out the specifics of an area, you can conduct an online search of your destination and find the local sellers or dispensaries.

5. Travel With a Scenic View

Traveling can be a beautiful thing and when it includes a scenic view along the way, then it can be even better. Besides your destination being the key ingredient to your travels, try to pick some scenic views to enjoy along the way. Whether it is a nice long mountain range in Colorado or the lush green forests of Washington and Oregon, you will surely get to enjoy a trip designed for your enjoyment. Plus, the beautiful scenery will also provide peace and tranquility and you will also have plenty of opportunities to pull off to the side and light up for a while.

6. Don´t Forget the Munchies and Tunes

Having the munchies while enjoying your cannabis is nothing new. This is why you need to have enough snacks on hand to maintain your cravings. They can be any type as well as your favorite. As you are munching, you also need to have some good music to go along with it. Having a lot of music choices will allow you to see just how rapid the miles can go. By listening to your music and munching on your snacks you will be quenching your thirst for more cannabis, which you will be able to enjoy as you stop off at a restaurant that is hidden off the road.

7. Decide Which Cannabis Spot You Want to Visit

Being in a state that continues to ban cannabis can easily cause you to travel to other states that have legalized it. This is why it is important to research and decide on where you plan to visit. Not only is it a great excuse to travel, but there are no rules saying that you can´t go. You just need to remember that when you are enjoying your cannabis that it is within the law and the regulations set in place for it. As you are researching, you may even find hotels that are cannabis-friendly as well as many campsites and RV parks catering to the marijuana enthusiast.

If the area where you live has plenty of cannabis opportunities, you may still enjoy getting away to other destinations that include natural wonders or waterfalls. These areas will allow for more relaxation and a higher meditative state. Your destination could include opportunities to stargaze and enjoy the galaxy in a whole different light while being high. Regardless of where your destination will be, you will enjoy it more with some nice cannabis by your side.

Final Verdict

Having a great vacation destination picked out by using these tips will allow you to get high worry-free. You will love how the world allows you to live carefree as well as enjoying your trip before you get there. So grab your bags and get out there!