How to roll a cross joint

The cross joint is a variation of the classic marijuana joint thats sure to impress your friends. Its made by crossing two joints together, hence the name. This method of joint rolling results in a joint thats extra thick, making it perfect for sharing. Heres how to roll a cross joint step by step.

Youll need:

-2 joints

-A knife or scissors

1. Start by rolling two joints. If youre having trouble rolling a joint, check out our joint rolling tutorial.

2. Once you have two rolled joints, use a knife or scissors to make a small cut in the center of each joint.

3. Cross the two joints at the cuts, so that they form an X shape.

4. Use your mouth to twist the two joints together, making sure that the cannabis is evenly distributed.

5. Once the joints are twisted together tightly, lick the glue or adhesive on the outside of the joint and seal it.

And thats it! Youve now successfully rolled a cross joint.