Top 4 Strain Papers in 2022

Top 4 Strain Papers in 2022 - Empire Rolling Papers

Top 4 Strain Papers in 2022 

Top 4 Strain Papers in 2022



The year 2021 is almost over, and soon 2022 shall be here. Most smokers look forward to releasing a new set of better rolling papers. However, it is essential to note that some of the most outstanding rolling papers have been around for decades. Therefore the highest probability is that those trending in the instant year shall still see you through for a better part of 2022. If you are a smoker, you could be having your favorite strain papers, some of which you will come across in this blog. You might realize that strain papers you have been sidelining are great for you through this blog. Here is a chance for you to discover some of the top strain papers in 2022.


What should you look out for when choosing strain papers?


One of the ways of practicing responsible smoking is being cautious with the strain papers you use. Smoking is one of the habits marked as harmful to human health, and choosing the right paper can help minimize the health impact. When selecting a strain paper, below are some of you need to look out for.


1. Material

The most common materials used to make paper are Hemp, rice, and wood pulp. These materials all have pros and cons as their benefits depend on where you live. For example, rice papers are hard to roll for those who live in the pacific; this is because of the damp moisture. Being most people's favorite, Hemp has proven to be usable in any climate because the paper is thick and easy to roll. Also, some papers are made out of animal products, and these types of papers are very popular with tobacco smokers. Casin and albumin are two of the renowned material used for making tobacco papers. While these papers might be trendy, those made out of Hemp and rice still take the lead when it comes to helping you practice clean smoking.


2. Thickness

Any informed smoker who has tried various thicknesses of strain paper can attest that when it comes to strain paper, the thinner, the better. With thin paper, you should expect a slower burn. Also, with a thin paper, more focus is given to your flavor than the paper since you get to feel and experience what you are smoking. No one wants to smoke, and all they can get is the smoke from their paper. For that perfect experience, thin is the way to go. Also, when it comes to the thickness, the material used also comes into play. Hemp has been famed for being the one material that offers a thin and easy to roll strain paper option. Before deciding what thickness to settle for, decide on the material.


3. Price

When it comes to strain papers, price matters a lot. High quality tends to cost more while the rest are a little cheaper. Despite the price tag of the paper you prefer the most, do not shy of adding that extra dollar to get a high-quality product. There are various red flags with low-quality papers; they produce a lot of smoke which can cause coughing, burn fast, and are very hard to roll.


4. Avoid counterfeits

Every market has counterfeit products, and your favorite strain paper is not exceptional. There are thousands of mock strain papers in the market, and the only way to avoid purchasing one is to make all your purchases from licensed sellers. Even well-known online sites can quickly sell counterfeit papers to you, eventually harming your health. In addition, most counterfeits contain additives, which are some of the things you will not want to inhale. To be safe, always ensure you make your purchases from the official site.


5. Always get some crutches for your smokes

Most people who smoke cannabis prefer passing it around to friends. There is more fun sharing a joint with friends, but as you pass your joint around, the strain paper might come off due to the several hands touching it. Crutches give your joint the stability required; hence you can pass it around as many times as you want. Getting crutches is equally essential if you have a better grasp when rolling your joint.


Top 4 Strain Papers in 2022


Various factors qualify a strain paper as the most or least preferred among smokers. All the factors mentioned above are used to arrive at this determination. With thousands of options in the market, it is essential to delve into the best among many smokers.


1. Hemp strain papers

Since the restoration of Hemp as an industrial product plant, it has become a personal favorite for most people when it comes to their choice of material when selecting rolling papers. These papers are easy to roll and burn longer; they also have a nutritional value. As a result, hemp papers have become the number one option for people who have embraced clean smoking. Of course, vegans are top of the least among those who value these papers, but vegans aside, the number of people seeking hemp strain papers in the recent past has skyrocketed, and for this reason, these papers will keep topping the list in 2022.


Because of their popularity, anyone looking to make a purchase can easily do so online. As earlier indicated, it is essential to look out for licensed sellers to avoid purchasing counterfeits that contain additives. Make your purchase from companies that have reputable brands and websites. Because of the quality of hemp paper, the price is usually a bit high than your regular paper. However, despite the price, you always have a guarantee of quality.


2. Rice strain papers

Rice continues to be a top favorite for people who live outside the pacific because of its delicate nature. Further, rice paper burns slowly, allowing you to enjoy your flavor fully. Another good thing about these papers is that you can customize them to serve as a gift. If you are looking to gift your brother, partner, male colleague, or father, rice strain papers offer the perfect option to customize as gifts. For this reason, these papers will continue to be at the top in the coming year.


Just like Hemp, these papers are readily available on e-commerce platforms. Before making a purchase:

Ensure you have done your due diligence on the seller.

Always check the package to ensure you are getting what you paid for.

Remember, better safe than sorry.


3. Unbleached strain papers

If you prefer unbleached strain papers, the good news is that they have now made it to the top of the list of the 2022 strain papers. Unlike bleached paper, this type of paper is all-natural, and even its outlook has the hue of fibers. These types of papers come in different sizes; for the easy roll, you can still get the ultra-thin size. Most brands now ensure that they stock the unbleached papers because a section of their customers prefers them. One of the things you need to note is that most of the hemp papers are unbleached. Hemp is more about preservation as its production is less harmful to the environment; therefore, hemp papers are made to preserve the natural look. Of course, vegans are the biggest beneficiaries of these types of papers, but for anyone who wants to use papers that have gone through very few chemical processes, the unbleached version is the way to go.


Big brands stock these papers at all times; hence there is no scarcity. If you are looking for a reliable supplier for all your strain paper needs, especially the unbleached papers, you can count on our brand to deliver.


4. Flavored strain papers

From flavored joints, we now have flavored strain papers. Most young people are hooked on these types of papers, and with the rise of the number of smokers among young people, these papers will still be among the to come in the year 2020; we bet on this with no doubt. The good thing about flavored papers is that even Hemp has this option. Most entrepreneurs have come up with several flavors to give their clients a wide range of options to select from. You can even get them in the honey flavor, one of the unexpected flavors. Additionally, with the flavors come several colors to choose from. 


Several brands now offer this option if you want to purchase flavored strain papers. For this reason, there is an increased number of counterfeits in the market. The excitement of seeing a flavor you like going at a low price can prompt you to rush and make a purchase. Just like we have insisted throughout this blog, always do your research and only place your order with legit websites.


Why is Hemp at the top of the list of strain papers?


The medicinal values of the cannabis Sativa family, where the hemp plant comes from, are immeasurable. Many people have already embraced hemp products, including strain papers, even with further ongoing research. Moreover, those who smoke Hemp don't do so only as a recreational activity but also as healthy smoking.