Trend Alert: Designer Cannabis Cones

Trend Alert: Designer Cannabis Cones | Empire Rolling Papers

Trend Alert: Designer Cannabis Cones
For those new to the cannabis scene, a cannabis cone is basically a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette that starts thin but widens and you go up to the top of the joint, and usually has a filter as well to counteract harshness.

Joints require rolling, and often a newbie in particular, or someone with limited dexterity such as wounded ex-vets or those with Parkinson's disease find the entire cannabis experience more pleasant when everything is prerolled.

Note that with a cannabis cone you still need to add the marijuana of your choice but as the entire legal cannabis market is about branding, it makes perfect sense to offer cannabis cones with your own, custom branding.

Note that you can buy a wide variety of cones even on Amazon for a general cost of around 30 cents each, and you can even buy cones made of hemp online.

However, the big money is in combining designer cones that are pre-filled with cannabis.

Also called pre-rolled, in many legal dispensaries, you can buy a pack of 1 gram pre-rolled cones with marijuana included for around $50 for a pack of 5.

Packaging, reputation, and a clever name matters as much in the cannabis business as it does in the liquor business.

Alcohol distributors such have long learned that by packing their alcoholic drink in a fancy bottle and coming up with a great cover story about how their brand is produced that not only can they capture a significant percent of the market, but they can charge signficantly more per ounce for their product.

Similarly, many canabis companies have a reputation for pre-rolled cannabis which may have a name like Shiva Thunder, (not a real brand by the way) implying that they are cultivated on the banks of the Ganges river and blessed by the God himself, when in actuality, they come from some lowly plot of land in rural Oregon cultivated by a couple of burnt out hipsters from the 60s.

If you want proof that to most cannabis consumers, what matters to them is the amount of THC content and the price, look no further than Forbes magazine.

In June of 2020 they published an article titled, "Science Reveals The Cannabis Industry’s Greatest Lie: You’re Buying Weed Wrong (And So Is Everyone Else)"

You can read it for yourself by looking up the title in Google, but the gist of the article is that scientists has proved that THC content has very little to do with how high you actually get from the marijuana (with the exception of edibles.)

So buying a premium weed with 24 percent THC levels as compared to buying is not really any benefit whatsover, over buying cannabis with 12 or 16 percent THC.

But people will willingly pay the price to buy a Hawaiian strain with 22 percent THC, assuming its better, over the Little Old Lady from Pasadena Brand (again not a genuine brand) because they assume the cannabis will be better.

So what does this have to do with designer cones?

Well, it proves that in the cannabis industry, perception is still king, particularly since many of the buyers of legal cannabis haven't really been educated fully into the art of buying cannabis.

And owning to the the industry as a whole, which is barely legal and highly regulated in all the states that have legalized it, there are no "Cannabis Tasting Clubs" like there are with wines and spirits, and as many legal dispenseries hire fellow stoners
who have no creditials in the business other than that they smoke it themselves.

when a new or returning customer goes into a shop and buys a brand of marijuana, they may get 5 minutes or less of Stoner Bob's time at the register to make their selection.

In fact, the chances are that Stoner Bob, who makes $10 and hour and mostly spends his off-time producing God-awful guitar music in some heavy metal band knows less about
marijuana than his customers.

Also, many dispensaries are owned by owners attracted to the image of running a weed shop, and many of them are extremely unefficient and barely making ends meet.

In fact, in recent years, there is so much illegal marijuana flooding the market that total supply may have outstripped demand by as much as 300 percent.

In fact, there are dozens of articles on the internet showing that small, mom and pop investors in selling cannabis are slowly being pushed out of the market by large, well
funded congolomerates, many of those actually coming from liquor companies investing in the cannabis industry to expand their market.

Which brings us back to designer cannabis cones.

One way that smaller and independent growers can distinguish themselves is to use the premium marketing strategy of the alcholol industry and offer disgner, labeled products.

And designer cannabis cones are a relatively cheap way to do this. Not only are designer cannabis cones distictive, costing around 11 cents per cone or less, but
as a result of providing a pre-rolled cannabis product, dispensaries can quickly double the price of their product, by offering a pack of pre-reolled designer cones at around $50 for a pack of 5.

Another advantage of packaging cannabisin pre-rolled cones is that it encourages greater buying as compared to consumers just buying a single gram, or a lid, which has around 3.5 grams.

The vast majority of designer cannibs cones are sold in packs of 5, which means the consumer gets 5 grams of your product at a time.

So it's easy to imagine that a package of 5, fully branded designer cones can increase sales.

This means that you not only have a nice, well designed and inviting package to sell your cannabis with, but for most, each pre-rolled cannabis cone has around a 3 inch, branded and printed cone at the smaller end of a cone.

Going back to our previous, fictional Shiva Brand, if there was small artwork of
Shiva sitting on a tiger's skin, then consumers will certainly remember your brand.

So the artwork at the bottom of a pre-rolled is what makes cannabis cones totally special.

One custome cone maker says there are 4 steps to designing a pre-rolled, custom cone.

Step one is choosing the type of paper such plain white, brown or hemp rolling papers.

Step two is chosing the filter length, which of course regulates the smoking experience.

The next step is choosing a design style such as a simple logo, a double sided design, or a multi-colored design, followed by the last step which is customomizing further by
offering external wraps which really will make a pre-rolled cannabis cone stand out as something fun and exciting.

At around 15 cents or less for designer cannabis cones, they allow a smaller grower to really compete with the big boys who can afford to spend millsions on promoting their cannabis brand.

Of course, there is no profit margin in selling cannabis cones themselves, so a grower will also need a pre-roll machine to fill each cannabis cone with your quality (hopefully) premimum cannabis.

You'll usually need to go to a seperate printing company to get the packaging of your
pre-rolled cones just right, but this too is a huge part of marketing.

With a cigarette sytle package, there is plenty of room for a graphic artist or illustrator to make a package that is stunning.

Essentially then, pre-rolled designer cannabis cones are the artistic bottles of the liquour industry. They attract attention to your brand and give people a brand name to remember.