CAUTION: We cannot guarantee the safety and quality of counterfeit papers sold by third-party retailers such as, DHgate, and Alibaba. Avoid purchasing $100 rolling papers from these sites.

At Empire Rolling, we prioritize your health and well-being, and we are committed to combating the dangers posed by counterfeit papers. Counterfeit papers not only harm your health, but they also infringe upon the intellectual property of designers, artists, and brands. Preserving the creative rights of all innovators and entrepreneurs is a core value for us.

Fake rolling papers may contain synthetic dyes, non-plant materials, and harmful additives that should never be ignited or inhaled. Smoking counterfeit papers could expose you to toxic substances, potentially causing diseases like emphysema, lung cancer, mouth cancer, or throat cancer.

Empire Rolling is known for producing all-natural, plant-based, and thoroughly tested rolling papers. Counterfeit products deceive our loyal customers into using potentially harmful knock-offs. Please report any suspected counterfeit papers to the Empire Rolling Intellectual Property Department, which prioritizes all such reports. Upon investigation, we will take swift action against counterfeiting to protect the public. Your vigilance in reporting fake papers is greatly appreciated.

Identifying Genuine Empire Rolling Papers

  1. Watermarks: Genuine Empire Rolling Papers have three distinct watermarks:
  • Our unique logo is stamped repeatedly on the blue stripe along the paper's length
  • The text below Benjamin Franklin's head reads "Benny" instead of "Franklin"
  • The seal on each package of Empire Rolling Papers is made from cellophane
  1. Burning Performance: Our papers are meticulously crafted from natural, high-quality flax, hemp, or wood fibers, ensuring even and consistent burning. Counterfeit papers often feel synthetic or flimsy and may burn faster, emitting unpleasant odors.

  2. Seal Effectiveness: Genuine papers use 100% natural gum arabic for a secure seal. If the glue on your paper doesn't stick, it may not be authentic.

Be mindful of packaging quality, the number of leaves in the package, and the papers' overall appearance when assessing authenticity. If you suspect your papers are counterfeit, contact us immediately. We are committed to prosecuting counterfeiters to the fullest extent possible.