5 Benefits of Using Vegan Rolling Papers

5 Benefits of Using Vegan Rolling Papers - Empire Rolling Papers

5 Benefits of Using Vegan Rolling Papers 

5 Benefits of Using Vegan Rolling Papers



Most smokers or people, in general, do not care much about what rolling papers are made from. However, being particular about the material used to make the rolling paper they use to smoke is very important for a vegan. One fact about most rolling papers is that many of them are made using animal products like albumin and casein. Well, this is something that would not sit well with a vegan. For this reason, it is always important to look out for vegan rolling papers.


What challenges do vegans face when trying to find vegan rolling papers?


The biggest challenge faced by most vegans is that these papers are not always readily available. Knowing that animal products take the lead when manufacturing rolling papers. Therefore, it is expected that most of the rolling papers you will come across are not vegan. Further, even when a rolling paper is vegan, some brands do not put any information on their branding. However, the good news is that we have other brands that value everyone's lifestyle. They have an identifying symbol such as a "V" on their branding, making it easy for vegans to select the rolling paper that suits them easily.


Can Vegans smoke tobacco?


The choice to smoke tobacco is personal, but here are some facts that you need to know. Apart from selecting a vegan rolling paper, another critical selection is what you smoke if you are new to veganism. Just because tobacco comes from a plant, the assumption is that it's safe for use by vegans. On the contrary, most tobacco products have been tested on animals or have some animal components. Additionally, producing tobacco has been termed as of the contributing factors to environmental destruction. Therefore, veganism is not just about preserving the animals but also the environment. For this reason, as a dedicated vegan, smoking tobacco is not something that will align with your belief system.


Can Vegans smoke blunts?


The answer to whether vegans can smoke blunts is yes and no. Most blunt wraps are tobacco products; hence, this answers whether vegans can smoke tobacco. However, you can always use a vegan rolling paper to smoke your blunt. Hemp leaves are famous for making vegan blunt wraps, and they can always be bought online. With e-commerce, getting access to vegan rolling papers is no longer a challenge. If your local store does not have it, you now have the option of ordering online and having it delivered to wherever you are. 


Generally, the responsibility to uphold vegan beliefs solely lies on you. However, as a vegan smoker, the urge to smoke can come at any time, and dropping by your nearest store to grab some tobacco is not the wisest idea. For this reason, always look out for stores that have vegan products both online and offline.


What are vegan rolling papers made of?


1. Bamboo tree

One widely known material for making vegan rolling papers comes from the bamboo tree. The trees used for this particular purpose are well taken care of from planting to ensure that harsh fertilizers are not used. Even the harvesting is done with excellent adherence to vegan beliefs. Instead of uprooting the whole tree, the roots in the ground are given a chance to regrow. The resulting products are healthy rolling papers that have become a favorite in the vegan community.


2. Hemp plant

Another plant used for making these rolling papers is the hemp plant. The process of manufacturing begins by drying cannabis Sativa pulp. One guarantee any vegan has when choosing a paper made from this plant is that it is organic and all-natural. Further, the hemp plant has been famed for being ultra-sustainable, making it environmentally friendly. This is one of the things that vegan beliefs stand for, conservation of the environment. Therefore, this rolling paper made from hemp is most preferred in the vegan community.


3. Rice

Rice-based rolling papers are top-rated, especially among cannabis smokers. This is because manufacturers of these papers use acacia gum when it comes to sealing. For this reason, these papers have great benefits enjoyed by smokers across the board, whether vegan or non-vegan. Also, the fact that these papers produce very minimal ash puts them on top of the list of what a vegan would go for.


Why choose vegan rolling papers?


One of the things you need to know is that these papers are not exclusively for vegans. Any smoker who intends to embrace healthy smoking should settle for them even if they are not vegan. We are living in a world whereby environmental degradation happens daily. Many people are now becoming more responsible by embracing practices that conserve the environment. Healthy smoking is one of the ways through which an individual can contribute to creating a safer and cleaner environment for all living beings. Therefore, without joining the veganism movement, every smoker should embrace the use of vegan rolling papers often because they carry many benefits.


Benefits of using vegan rolling papers


You can already tell that these rolling papers have several benefits from the above. Here is what you and the environment get to gain;


1. Environmental friendly

The environment is such a vital factor to all humanity. Its every person's duty to protect the environment and its surroundings. Already people have joined various movements aimed at protecting the environment. Vegan papers are made so that they have a less negative effect on the environment; therefore, they are the most advisable to use. The difference between vegan paper and other ordinary rolling papers is that others are made of animal products and chemicals that, when smoked, contaminate the air. Our vegan papers are purely natural and produce less smoke. Choosing them means you are protecting your health and guarding mother earth. 


2. Healthy smoking

Smoking is regarded as an unhealthy habit, and health experts advise people against the practice. However, this is one of the practices we can't eliminate, but the good news is that you can choose healthy smoking instead. The choice to use vegan smoking rolls is the one way to experience healthy smoking because the rolls are natural and organic; hence they have minimal effect on a smoker's health.


3. Better smoking experience

The smell emitted while smoking is a significant factor even for smokers. Most rolling papers contain a very unpleasant smell primarily because of the chemicals and animal products used in the manufacturing process. Our vegan rolling papers are made to have natural flavor, no added toxic or harmful substances that can result in a bad smell. So if you have been looking for a pleasant smoking experience, you now have the solution. 


Also, smoking using a rolling paper that smells nice is beneficial to you and your non-smoking friends, colleagues, neighbors, or family. Smokers have often felt discriminated against because most people don't want to associate with them because of the smell. Choosing these rolling papers is one of the ways you can get people to enjoy being around you as well.


4. Contributes to the veganism movement

Often, vegans have felt discriminated against because not many products in the market favor their beliefs. Sourcing and using these rolling papers is one of the ways of encouraging other vegans that there are enough products that tend them in the market, including their favorite smokes. In addition, using vegan rolling papers is one of the ways of encouraging those who have thought about being vegans to take a further step. The reason why veganism is not a lifestyle most people want to embrace is the fear of failing to satisfy most of their desires, like smoking. With the availability of these papers, it is now evident that your life will equally be fulfilling as a vegan.


5. Contributing to philanthropic works across the world

Veganism beliefs are more about creating a better environment for everyone. Every time you purchase a vegan rolling paper, you make this world a better place. Often you will realize that a percentage of the money you spend on buying these papers goes towards philanthropy. If you want to change the lives of disadvantaged people worldwide by helping them access clean water and food, then ensuring that the only rolling papers you use are vegan is the only way to achieve that. By doing so, you are directly impacting other people's lives, even in a small way.


Where can I buy vegan rolling papers?


Online shops have become the number one retailer for vegan products and mainly rolling papers. Make sure that you are making your purchase from a verified seller to ensure the legitimacy of the product you are buying. Since these rolls are not very popular, it is always advisable to look out for vegan symbols and information to ensure that you are getting the right product. Our company has confirmed that our buyers have access to all the information they need when purchasing online. If you are looking for a reliable vegan rolling paper dealer, you can always contact us.