Fast Shipping

Fed up with lengthy shipping times for online purchases? We understand. That's why we've developed one of the most advanced production and shipping systems on the Internet. Our goal is to ship your orders within 48 hours!

Once you complete your purchase at Empire, your order is swiftly sent to our facility, where it's carefully packaged.

Easy Returns

We have a 30-day return policy. If 30 days have passed since your purchase, we're unable to offer a refund or exchange. Please contact us within thirty days for a refund if needed.

Our mission is to exceed your expectations with each product you receive. We use top-quality materials and cutting-edge printing technologies, with most products produced within 24 hours.

If you're unsatisfied, you can request a refund or account credit. As Empire launches new products, we'll update our Returns information accordingly.

Handling Undeliverable Packages

Occasionally, packages are returned to us as undeliverable. We'll make efforts to re-ship orders that are returned in this manner.

To minimize the impact of returned products, Empire reserves the right to donate or recycle any returned or undelivered items as deemed appropriate at our sole discretion.

The Empire Guarantee

Total Satisfaction: Your happiness is our top priority. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full exchange, refund, or account credit within 365 days of receipt.

If you're not completely happy with your order and wish to request an exchange, refund, or account credit, the process is straightforward:

Contact us at and specify whether you prefer a replacement or a refund.