How to make a dab rig

A dab rig, also known as an oil rig, is a type of water pipe that is specifically designed for use with concentrated oils, also known as dabs. Dab rigs are similar to bongs, but they typically have a slimmer design and feature a titanium nail instead of a bowl.

If youre interested in trying out dabbing, youll need to invest in a good dab rig. In this blog post, well show you how to make your own dab rig so that you can enjoy your concentrates in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

The first step is to gather all of the necessary materials. Youll need a glass tube, a titanium nail, a dome, a butane torch, and a dabber. You can find all of these items at your local head shop or online.

Next, youll need to assemble your rig. Start by attaching the titanium nail to the glass tube. Then, attach the dome to the nail. Make sure that the dome is the right size for your tube; if its too small, it wont fit, and if its too large, it wont create a seal.

Once your rig is assembled, its time to start dabbing. Place your concentrate on the nail and use the butane torch to heat the nail until its red hot. Allow the concentrate to vaporize, and then use the dabber to inhale the vapor.

If youre new to dabbing, start with a small amount of concentrate. You can always take more dabs, but you cant take less. Its also important to take your time when heating the nail; if its too hot, it will burn the concentrate, and if its not hot enough, it wont vaporize properly.

Dabbing is a great way to enjoy your concentrates, and with a little practice, youll be a pro in no time. Thanks for reading, and happy dabbing!