Papers or Cones? - Which Benny or Benny Lite is best for you?

Papers or Cones? - Which Benny or Benny Lite is best for you? - Empire Rolling Papers

Papers or Cones? - Which Benny or Benny Lite is best for you? 

Papers or Cones? - Which Benny or Benny Lite is best for you?

Papers are the delivery system for marijuana. We roll joints because we enjoy the process of smoking pot. These papers allow us to do that. They also provide a way to transport our weed without having it in plain sight. It's easy to hide a joint in your pocket, but not so easy if you carry around many papers. The problem with moving around multiple joints is that they're bulky and easily spotted by law enforcement.


The solution? A cone and paper! Benny and Benny Lite are both great ways to conceal your stash of cannabis while still being able to smoke it at any time. Both cones and papers come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. You can purchase them online or from your local head shops. However, which Benny or Benny Lite should you pick? Papers or cones?


Before going further, let's take a look at Benny.


What is Benny?

The American brand BENNY stands for the highest quality and extravagant design, for which it has already made a name for itself in America.


The manufacturers from Empire Rolling have tasked themselves to use exclusively prime commodities. It means that the raw material used in producing their products has been selected carefully.

BENNY is made out of 100% natural virgin wood pulp. Virgin wood pulp is the most popular fiber on earth and is widely used in various other items, including other household items. Virgin pulp is a renewable resource that proliferates and requires little water to grow. In addition, it's a very environmentally friendly fiber.


In addition, BENNY uses recycled content whenever possible. Recycled content refers to materials previously used as part of another product. For example, old newspapers are often recycled into new ones.


BENNY also uses FSC-certified wood pulp when manufacturing its cones. FSC is an international non-profit organization dedicated to advertising responsible management of the world's forests. FSC-certified wood comes from managed forests where trees are allowed to regenerate naturally. In contrast, deforestation leads to erosion and soil depletion.


The benefits of using FSC-certified woods include:

• Conservation of forest resources

• Protection of biodiversity

• Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

• Promotion of sustainable development

• Improvement of rural communities

• Increase in income for farmers

• Creation of jobs

• Support for local economies

• Promotion of social equity


Which Benny or Benny Lite is better?

Choosing between Benny and Benny lite is all about personal preference. Choose Benny if you want something that will last longer than a week. On the other hand, if you like the convenience of rolling up a cone every day, go with Benny Lite.


Benny is what you need if you're looking for a more durable option. It's made of thicker virgin wood pulp and features a larger opening. As a result, it makes it easier to pack, especially when traveling.

If you prefer the ease of rolling up a cone each day, then you'll love Benny Lite. It's thinner and smaller than Benny. So it's perfect for those who don't want to be bothered with packing their weed.

Both Benjies are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. There are even some special editions. 



The paperweight is 20gsm. 


Benny Lite

 The paperweight is 13gsm. 


If you want to know which cone or paper is better, you need to consider some factors.


Size of the Cone or Paper

As mentioned before, many different types of cones and papers are available. Some are small enough to fit inside a wallet. Others are big enough to hold several joints. So how much space will you need?


You may think you only need a single cone or paper per day. However, this isn't always true. You may find yourself wanting more cones or paper per week. For instance, you could go camping or hiking and need to pack extra supplies. Or maybe you'll need to bring along your collection of cannabis during a long road trip. Whatever the case may be, you'll need to determine what size cone or paper you need based on your needs.


Material of the Cone or paper


Another factor to consider is the material of the cone or paper. Although different materials are used to make smoking paper and cones, Empire rolling papers are made from virgin wood pulp. The process of making paper involves pulping the wood fibers. Pulping removes the lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectins. These substances are then removed through bleaching and deinking processes. It leaves the pure white paper with no odor.

One of the best things about virgin wood pulp is that it doesn't contain chemicals. As a result, you don't have to worry about inhaling harmful fumes while smoking. As a result, you can enjoy your smoke without worrying about damaging your lungs.

Finally, the quality of the paper depends on the type of wood used. Choose a premium grade if you're looking for the highest quality paper. Premium grades are thicker, more substantial, and longer-lasting. They're also less likely to tear or break.


Quality of the Cone or Papers


Finally, you also need to consider the quality of the cone or paper you purchase. While most people assume that cheap products are inferior, this isn't always the case. Some expensive brands offer excellent quality.


For example, while some companies claim to produce their paper, they aren't made from wood pulp. Instead, they're made from recycled plastic bottles. These papers are known as biodegradable plastics. They're environmentally friendly, and they last longer than regular paper.


In addition, many companies sell cones or papers that come with built-in filters. Some even include an ashtray. So if you're planning to smoke frequently, you'll want to make sure that you get a product that offers good value for money.


Benny Papers

There are several different types of bennies available. Each style comes in various sizes. And while there are differences between them, they all share similar qualities. Here's a quick overview:


Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is the cheapest option, and It's usually sold in packs of 10 pieces. But, unfortunately, it's also the least durable.


Flax Seed Paper

It's slightly more expensive than hemp paper. It's usually sold individually.


Bamboo Paper

It is the most expensive option. It's usually found in packs of 20 pieces. It's also quite durable.



These are the most popular choice. BENNY cones come with myriad benefits. For example, they can roll joints, pipes blunts, and bowls. They're also easy to find online. You can also buy pre-rolled joints. However, these are typically sold in bulk. As a result, you may pay much more than you would for a single joint.


While we've talked about the main features of bennies, there are other factors to consider when choosing which ones to buy. Here are some things to think about:


The Size of Your Bennie

Size matters when it comes to bennies; the more significant the bennie, the easier it will be to hold. In addition, the size makes it easier to control how much weed you smoke. And since larger bennies tend to contain more cannabis, they're better suited for smoking large amounts of marijuana.


However, smaller bennies are easier to carry around. So if you prefer to travel light, you might want to choose one of these options.


Best Rolling Benny papers

A rolling benny is an excellent tool for making joints. But before buying a benny, you'll first need to decide what kind of material you'd like to use. Rolling papers come in two varieties: waxed and un-waxed.

Waxed rolling papers are ideal for rolling joints. They give off a pleasant aroma, and they don't leave any sticky residue on your hands.

Unwaxed rolling papers are cheaper, and they're also less likely to break. But they do tend to stick together. If you plan to smoke regularly, you should invest in a high-quality rolling benny. If you only smoke occasionally, you could save yourself some cash by opting for a cheaper model.


Paper Quality

As mentioned earlier, you should also pay attention to the quality of the paper you purchase. High-quality papers are often thicker and more robust. They're also more resistant to tearing.


But this doesn't mean that low-cost papers won't work just as well. On the contrary, they may perform better than their pricier counterparts.



So now you know everything you need to know about bennies. We hope that you've learned something new today. Keep in mind that there are many different types of Bennys out there. So make sure you take time to research each product thoroughly.


That way, you can get the best possible deal.