The Unforgettable Journey to the World's Largest Joint: A 29-Foot, 63 lb Record-Breaking Marvel

The Unforgettable Journey to the World's Largest Joint: A 29-Foot, 63 lb Record-Breaking Marvel - Empire Rolling Papers

In November 2022, a seemingly ordinary smoke session between Dale Rook and Dano from Toothless Genetics sparked a groundbreaking idea. As they discussed the upcoming Van42 Cannacup in Vancouver, Canada, Dale envisioned an unforgettable event – breaking the world record for the largest joint ever rolled and smoked. The record, previously held by Tony Greenhand at 60 pounds, would require an exceptional team and immense dedication.

With the support of Empire Rolling, which supplied 300 feet of rolling paper, and Caligari Glue, which provided the adhesive, Dale began assembling a dream team of expert joint rollers, influencers, musicians, and prominent figures in the cannabis community. Many accepted the invitation to participate, while others stepped up when needed. The incredible team included:

  • World Stoners Lounge: Dale Rook and Jerome Murray
  • Blunts and Beans: Alexis Dickson and Joyln Bow
  • Toothless Genetics: Dano Willox
  • HF Happy Hour: Colin Scott and Gord Hayes
  • Beyond Four Twenty: Fred Bell
  • Tea Time with Mari and Jauna: Candy Campbell, Percy Campbell, Patricia Edwards, and Lorne Edwards
  • Beanhub: Corey Deneve and Marcus Palfenier
  • Mr. Greens Canada: Shawn Donaldson and Daphne Donaldson
  • Best Buds Society: Pat Warnoche and Megan Warnoche
  • Smoking with Johnny Dee: Johnny Detwieler
  • Spliffwizard: Ryan Dawley
  • Bud Betty: Elizabeth Gray and Steve Sisson
  • The Smoking Spot: Amanda Breeze

This dedicated team faced numerous challenges on their quest to make history. From grinding 65 pounds of Purple Kush to devising a rack system for the colossal joint, they left no stone unturned in their pursuit of the record. As the event approached, the team confronted various setbacks, such as changes in venue, disappearing equipment, and unsuitable rolling locations. Yet, they persevered and tackled each obstacle head-on.

On April 19th, 2023, the team began rolling the massive joint. Working in unison, they expertly created two 13-foot sections, which were then carefully transported to Thornton Park for the main event. The weather was far from ideal, as heavy rain poured down and some essential equipment was missing. However, the atmosphere at the park remained electric as the countdown to 4:20 pm began.

With Spagoli's blower system and Michelle Cox's torch, the 29-foot, 63 lb joint was lit, and the ecstatic crowd erupted in cheers. The joint burned for an impressive 1.5 hours before being extinguished. A 168-inch roach containing over 20 pounds of cannabis remained, which was generously donated to the Cannabis Substitution Program to support opioid addicts in recovery.

This monumental achievement stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of Dale Rook, the sponsors Empire Rolling and Caligari Glue, and the incredible team of joint rollers and supporters who came together to make history. The world's largest joint not only broke records but also showcased the collaborative spirit and resilience of the cannabis community.