Legal Disclaimer

Disclaimer and Details of Our Rolling Papers

Empire Rolling products, including our rolling papers and all materials on this website, are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. Reproduction, republication, distribution, transmission, display, broadcasting, manufacturing, selling, or any exploitation of these materials is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of KTG, LLC. Our rolling papers are intended for use with legal smoking herbs only and do not contain tobacco or nicotine. Smoking herbal products may still pose health risks, as they can produce tar and carbon monoxide when burned. Please be aware that nicotine is addictive and can cause health issues.

Empire Rolling products are not to be purchased by anyone under the age of 18. Furthermore, our products have not been tested or studied by the Food and Drug Administration, and no statements on this posting have been evaluated by the FDA.

Warning: Our rolling papers are designed exclusively for smoking purposes and cannot pass as real currency or be modified to resemble real currency. Attempting to use falsified currency for purchases is a criminal and federal offense that can lead to up to 20 years in prison or a $100,000 fine. We will cooperate with law enforcement by providing any requested information.

Please Read Carefully: Empire Rolling Papers LLC has meticulously designed our rolling papers to comply with legal requirements for production. Our products are intended to provide superior rolling paper to consumers, not to encourage illegal scanning or printing of real currency. Our rolling papers feature custom-designed artwork, characters, buildings, serial numbers, emblems, and logos. Additionally, each rolling paper is marked with "THIS NOTE IS NOT LEGAL TENDER" and "FOR SMOKING USE ONLY."

Our rolling papers are created by our team of graphic artists using custom designs, fonts, and logos, not by scanning or photocopying real currency. We will not remove the "FOR SMOKING USE ONLY" emblems or "THIS IS NOT LEGAL TENDER" text on our rolling papers. Any request to make our rolling papers resemble real currency for deceptive purposes will be denied. We reserve the right to refuse or deny service to anyone.

List of legal features of our rolling papers:

  1. Smaller size compared to real currency.
  2. No working holograms.
  3. Custom-designed, cartoonish character faces.
  4. Custom emblems and seals with "FOR SMOKING USE ONLY," "UNITED WE STAND," or "THE UNITED STATES."
  5. Unique background art and color contrast.
  6. No text stating "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE."
  7. Fictitious, recurring serial numbers.
  8. Fictitious treasurer and secretary names.
  9. No text stating "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."
  10. Different dates or years compared to real currency.
  11. Distinct buildings on the back of each rolling paper.
  12. Lightweight tissue paper material without the texture, feel, or security features of real US currency.
  13. No reflective or light-bending holograms, numbers, or emblems.

Empire Rolling Papers LLC is registered and legally copyrighted. Illegal reproductions will be reported.