Custom Rolling Papers Program

At Empire Rolling, we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to create your very own custom rolling papers. Personalize your rolling papers with unique designs that reflect your style. Here's how it works:

1. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):

  • To get started, the minimum order quantity is $5,000.

2. Design Options:

  • Choose from two design options:
    • Customer-Provided Designs: Bring your own rolling paper designs.
    • Design Assistance: We can help you create a custom design for a small fee.

3. How to Order:

  • Select your preferred design option.
  • Choose the quantity of custom rolling papers you want.
  • Upload your design files or request design assistance.
  • Get a price estimate based on your order details.

4. Design Review and Approval:

  • If you opt for design assistance, our team will create your design and share it with you for approval.

5. Payment and Confirmation:

  • Make your payment for the custom rolling papers.
  • Receive an order confirmation with delivery details.

6. Production and Quality:

  • We use high-quality materials and printing techniques to ensure the best results.
  • Our quality control ensures that each custom rolling paper meets our standards.

7. Shipping and Delivery:

  • Your custom rolling papers will be shipped to your specified address within the agreed-upon timeframe.

8. Customer Support:

  • Our dedicated support team is here to assist you at every step of the process.

9. Share Your Feedback:

  • We love to hear from you! Share your feedback and reviews of your custom rolling papers.

Ready to create your custom rolling papers? Let's roll together!