Each "Empire Size" pre-rolled cone measures 111mm (4.375 inches) long.


4 tubes, each with 3 cones (12 cones total)


Natural plant fibers, non-toxic vegetable oil coloring, and sugar glue. Eco-friendly, vegan, non-GMO, non-toxic, and unbleached.


Filter tips in every cone for a smooth experience. Resealable container for optimal storage and protection.


Detailed craftsmanship, including a light blue strip on each cone, ensuring a premium experience.


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Introducing BENNY Original Cones – the epitome of premium pre-rolled cones by Empire Rolling. Crafted for a seamless and delightful smoking journey.
4 Tubes (12 Benny Cones)
BENNY CONES BOX (24 Tubes Per box 72 Cones)




preserves terpene flavor

preserves terpene flavor

natural glue

natural glue

slow burning

slow burning

hand rolled

hand rolled

pressed extra fine

pressed extra fine

made from plants

made from plants

sourced responsibly

sourced responsibly

More Than Just Rolling Papers

Empire Rolling blends high-quality rolling papers with an elevated experience. See why we're the choice for discerning enthusiasts.

Organic Hemp Quality

Crafted from organic hemp, our rolling papers offer a natural and smooth smoke.

Transparent Practices

Trust in our brand with accessible lab testing reports, showcasing the purity and quality of our products.

Distinctive Designs

From iconic bills to contemporary patterns, our rolling papers showcase a blend of style and statement.

Sustainability Commitment

We prioritize eco-friendly practices, ensuring our products align with sustainable values.

Rolling with Praise

4.1 out of 5 in 2,043 ratings

“Real deal I haven't smoked it yet but I have confirmed these to be the thinnest papers of the $100 bill papers there are fake brands out there and also the Benji brand, but this brand is to be trusted because these are the thinnest papers that are out there of the hundred-dollar bill papers...”

Daniel R.

“The only thing I didn’t like was the adhesive to stick after lick to close. I had to lick a few times and I wrapped around Bob rolled together because the adhesive looked dry(not shiny or obvious that it was present on the product paper) opening it out the box, AMAZING SHIP TIME!!!!! 😍 Nice Burn 🔥”

Maria G.

“Bought these as a funny gift for my husband's bday. The money print is really life like but they are smaller then a real $100 and of course different paper. It fits good it the raw king size roller but there is no glue so it is hard to get it to stick. There is no flavor either so you are just smoking paper.”

Rob G.

“Ok. First pack is picture above. Even though the box was damaged, and edges of papers are slightly crinkled. It was still rollable, stuck well & burned evenly! I got 4 packs for $12 & even though it seemed as a disappointment d/t lack of professionalism with customers...”

Emily D.

Transparent Quality: Lab-Tested Excellence

At Empire Rolling, we believe in complete transparency. Dive into our lab testing reports and get a clear view of the premium ingredients that go into every product. Our commitment to quality ensures you're always rolling with the best.

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