Empire Rolling Launches New Ultra Thin $100 Bill Natural Rolling Papers!

Empire Rolling Launches New Ultra Thin $100 Bill Natural Rolling Papers! | Empire Rolling Papers

Empire Rolling Launches New Ultra Thin $100 Bill Natural Rolling Papers!

Light Up a Benjamin For Flavor and Effect!

Edible slow-burning vegetable oil papers let you smoke in style.
Looking for a stylish smoke? The ultra thin $100 rolling papers from Empire Rolling are eye-catching and memorable. They offer slow burn and no aftertaste.

December 21: Leesburg, VA

Want to like you have money to burn? Treat yourself to some beautiful $100 Benny papers from Empire Rolling. These printed papers are made of a vegetable solution, so no ink char or aftertaste. These paper are extremely thin and easy to manage as you load them with your favorite tobacco-free products.

If you love a relaxing smoke but don't want to worry about maintaining a pipe, the right papers can make a world of difference. The $100 printed Benny smoking papers are simple to roll and loaded with quality imagery. The burn is slow and consistent and there is no inky, harsh flavor. The ink in these papers is toxin-free and made up of vegetable products. Smoke in toxin-free style and enjoy the flavor of nothing but your chosen product!

About the Business

Empire Rolling is always seeking new ideas. Like a good software company, they dig into the expertise of their vendors and customers for new ideas. The Benny Papers have been underway for quite a while and this newest batch of ultra thin rolling papers is in response to requests from customers for a purer smoke.
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As a wholesale supplier, Empire Rolling is focused on providing up to date products for their clients in dispensary settings. Their paper products come with a large influencer network already in place. Dispensary owners have access to more than fair margins for the long term. Because their clever papers are both customizable and fast-evolving, dispensary owners can easily change up the look of their displays while showing off great quality product. Be the go-to dispensary when the next line of rolling papers comes out!

Empire Rolling has a terrific design team, and they put in the time to create wonderful displays for top end quality placement. Be prepared to keep your clients coming back by providing them with top of the line thin rolling papers designed to catch the eye. Because this wholesaler can pivot so quickly and make rapid changes with speed, you can share your best ideas and celebrate those product improvements. If you're looking for specific personalized gifts to share with your closest friends, consider getting your $100 wrapping paper with a photo of your bestie in place of Ben!

Empire Rolling designs, markets and sells items used for legally purchased, non-tobacco products. They are happy to share quality product with dispensaries providing legal product all over the country. This industry is changing rapidly. If you're interested in starting a dispensary or changing up your offerings as regulations change, you will want to work with a wholesaler who can move quickly to get your displays and product up and visible in front of new clients headed into your shop.

Users adore the products designed and provided by Empire Rolling. Per experts at The Chill Bud Benny papers "smoke really well" with "no added harshness". They also contain no tobacco or cannabis in the formulation.

Amazon buyers love this products! Many users find that this product is conveniently packaged. The papers are quite durable, "stay nice and crisp" and have no harsh flavor or bitterness in the burning. Additionally, these papers are a terrific way to surprise a fellow smoker by lighting up a $100 bill! These papers provide a "very slow burn" and have no added stickiness on the adhesive.

Empire Rolling can be found at 15 East Market Street #505, Leesburg, VA 20178. Phone or text at 703-728-0820 or email at info@empirerolling.com.