Strain Papers & Wraps - What are they and why do you need them

Strain Papers & Wraps - What are they and why do you need them | Empire Rolling Papers

Strain Papers & Wraps - What are they and why do you need them

Empire’s New Strain Collection Refines Your Smoking Experience

Few things hit as right as a fresh, smooth, and clean pull from a tightly (but not too tightly) rolled smokable. So while your buddy’s hand-rolled notebook paper might work in a pinch, a real connoisseur understands the importance of the rolling papers being used in the operation. Poor quality papers and wraps lead to a poor quality smoke, and the wrong choice can leave a bad taste in your mouth both figuratively and literally. With Empire, that won’t be a problem.

For years, smokers around the world have gotten by using what they had on hand or what was available to them in shops in their areas. Cheap papers, empty cigarette rollers, and licked-joints have us feeling like we’re living in the stone age here. The smoking experience has grown and evolved over the years, so why shouldn’t what you’re using to smoke evolve along with it? Sure a pack of cheap papers might not totally ruin your smoking experience, but do they enhance it, surely not.

Enter Empire Rolling’s new Strain Collection.

What is the Strain Collection?

Empire’s newest line of wraps is the “strain collection,” perhaps the most innovative and unique offering from Empire to date. These wraps – note that they’re not cones like many of Empire’s other offerings – introduce an entirely new experience to smoking. Targeting the purest, most dedicated users with the most refined palettes, the Strain Collection adds a whole new dimension to your smoking experience by deriving the wraps directly from some of the most unique and noteworthy strains of cannabis found across North America. That’s right – the new Strain Collection wraps are made of herbal hemp paper and naturally infused with the terpenes that make your selection both unique and offer an opportunity to refine your smoking pallette.

The papers themselves won’t get you high of course, but will offer an incredibly unique and wildly different smoking experience than just about any other papers on the market.

Right now, Empire offers the strain collection in four unique flavors, each of which is processed in our facilities in the Dominican Republic by a team of experts working by hand to ensure the utmost quality. Presently, those offers are Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, White Widow and Godfather OG, each offered in packs of 2, 4, or a 24 large size pack. Of course, like all of our products, the new strain collection is also available on a subscribe and save basis at a robust 20% discount for those more regular users of cannabis.

What’s the Difference?
The difference in the new strain collection vs some of your “average” rolling papers is palpable. Not only are our wraps of course hand processed unlike many competitors, but the true difference in quality comes with that infusion of flavor and terpenes.

Imagine you’re in the market for a car. Since you’ve always had an affinity for Mercedes, that’s where your mind is headed. They’re expensive cars and you don't love the stock model grey offered, so maybe to save some cash you’ll get it repainted to a new color by a couple of local kids. Make sense? Of course not. So why then do so many smokers take a delicate, measured approach to choosing the right strain, strength, and profiles of their cannabis, but ignore what they’re using to smoke it?

Choosey smokers are picky about their cannabis – whether it’s being used for medicinal purposes or otherwise – and rightfully so. But taking that Mercedes Benz cannabis and rough packing it into a cheap set of rolling papers will leave you and your friends disappointed with the taste, the burn and the experience overall.

The strain collection’s infused terpenes give that scent and flavor profile that you often associate with the cannabis you’re ingesting. By pairing them up expertly, for example, a gram of White Widow in your White Widow strain wrap from Empire, you’re heightening the experience by magnitudes.
What’s a Terpene?
You’re almost certainly familiar with a wide array of cannabis terms such as THC and CBD, cannabinoids, and the old “sativa vs indica” debate. Terpenes, however, unjustly fly below the cannabis radar of consumers far too often. Broadly, terpenes are the chemical compounds found in plants (plus some animals) that give them a unique and recognizable aroma. More specifically, terpenes as they relate to cannabis are a big part of the discussion when it comes to the experience of the smoke and the potential aromatic benefits.

Common terpenes found in various strains of cannabis, as well as their associated flavors and potential effects are listed below.
Limonene – citrus / sweet (think lemons): stress relief, mood elevation
Myrcene – celery / woody: sedative, relaxation, stress relief
Linalool – floral scent: anti-anxiety, relaxation
Pinene – piney: anti-inflammatory

These of course do not represent all of the terpenes in existence, nor all of those found specifically in cannabis or the strain collection from Empire.

How to Use The New Strain Collection
As touched on previously, unlike the Benny line of cones offered by Empire, the Strain Collection functions slightly differently. These herbal hemp wraps don’t quite have the same shape that cones do, but offer much more in the way of versatility and smoking experience to some users. Since these, like most of Empire’s products offered on their site, are pre-rolled, the experience is as easy as it is enjoyable. Simply…
Select your cannabis of choice. Take care if you’re using the new strain collection to put some consideration into the pairings. You don't need to be a sommelier to perfect these pairings, just pay attention to the scents, feels and vibes you get from your flower and its corresponding strain wrap.
Grind grind grind. This is self explanatory, and best not done by hand as you likely know. Grinders are cheap and widely available, as are specialty products designed specifically to grind and fill cones or wraps.
Stuff it up. Depending on the grind you may get more or less cannabis into a wrap. Don’t sweat it, just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Enjoy, and notice the difference between your normal papers and these strains-specific beauties.

Not all rolling papers are created equally. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you’re paying bottom-shelf prices for the cheapest rolling papers you can get, don’t expect an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience. The burn might be a bit too fast, or too slow for your liking. Maybe the taste of the paper just isn’t right. Maybe you need something specifically geared towards what you’re smoking and how you’re smoking it, like the pre-rolled, strain-specific creations of Empire. The new strain collection was painstakingly developed with you, the user, in mind. The elevation of the smoking experience starts with your materials, so you can’t expect to always have a fulfilling experience when you’re stuck hand-rolling, and then re-rolling a paper that just wasn’t meant to be.

Combining the reliability, quality and design that you’ve come to know and love from Empire, these hemp wraps are the latest (and potentially greatest to date) of the newly development products coming out from Empire Rolling, hot on the heels of the best selling Benny line, made of (of course) fake $100 bills.

If you’re looking for a unique, expertly–developed and well made set of papers for your next smoke session, look no further than Empire’s strain collection, available via the store on to those of legal age.