Benny vs. Benny Lite - A Smoky Showdown

Benny vs. Benny Lite - A Smoky Showdown - Empire Rolling Papers

Benny vs. Benny Lite - A Smoky Showdown 


Benny vs. Benny Lite - A Smoky Showdown



Are you looking to purchase a pack of good smoking papers but don't know what brand to buy? Or perhaps you're looking to move away from traditional tobacco but aren't sure if any alternatives hit as well? The light heavyweight papers are finally here in this Benny vs. Benny Lite blog. Smokers worldwide love the super smooth and medium-sized rolling papers in each pack by Empire Rolling, but we also know that sometimes you don't want to smoke so much. Also, it can be hard to put out just one or two joints with full-sized papers.



Let's take a look at what they have in common. These marijuana rolling papers consist of paper that is smoother than some other rolling paper brands and adds to a great smoke experience. They also have a patented glue that keeps your bud from tunneling out while you smoke it. However, they take a different approach to preventing tearing while you roll your joint or blunt, and we'll get into that below. But first, let's talk about their similarities.


1 Pack of 20 Papers Each


$10-20 USD depending on your supplier. Quality paper that doesn't smell like you're smoking a printer. These sheets burn slow and are easy to tear, meaning less time fiddling with your roll and more time chillin' as you smoke. Grab a pack at for $8 for 20 unbleached papers, which is a fantastic deal compared to most papers on the market today.


Made with Natural Plant fibers and Non-Toxic Vegetable Oil Coloring


In comparison to other popular brands of rolling papers, Empire's new line of Benny and Benny Lite rolling papers come from a plant fiber sourced from trees. The fibers are blended with non-toxic vegetable oil coloring to create these lite and flashy wraps that burn like a dream. Also, unlike similar products, Swedish Match avoided adding chemicals or artificial binders into their Lite product line.


Each Note is "Empire Size," 4.2 Inches Long


Each note is Empire Size, 4.2 inches long. There is something very classy about these important rolled papers, and their design has a lot of styles. These folded smokes are high quality. The edges are well cut, and you won't find a single shred of paper throughout your smoking experience with these heavy hitters. They pack a punch as well.


20 Perforated Filter Tips Included With Each Wallet


These tips come pre-perforated and make it very easy to roll up a joint. When it comes to rolling joints, you don't need to be an expert to be able to tell these perforated filter tips can help you achieve the perfect sized joints every time. Of course, rolling your joint is not for everyone, but if you are looking for an excellent alternative to rolling papers, these Perforated Filter Tips will be of great use.


Benny Papers Come in Resealable Wallet


These things are slick, slim, and sturdy. The resealable zipper makes for a great seal keeping your papers nice and tight. This is a great little product you can take with you where ever you go—no worries about them spilling into your pocket, purse, or backpack.


Benny Rolling Papers Are Recyclable


You're a hip and forward-thinking individual. You're committed to keeping our world as healthy as possible, one paper at a time. We commend you for choosing these vegetable rolling papers over traditional ones made with ink. Here's how you can get rid of them once they've served their purpose. Recycle.


Most rolling papers come coated with a thin film of ink, which keeps them from ever thoroughly drying out. Unfortunately, it also means that you're adding a bit of trash to landfills when you throw your empty pack away. The ink on Empire Rolling's benny paper comes from vegetable dye, which means you can recycle your finished smokes. It washes right off and doesn't pollute lakes and streams like non-vegetable inks.


Does Not Contain Tobacco Or Nicotine


Most smokers don't even notice any difference in taste or sensation with tobacco-free rolling papers. However, some users complain that their joints burn faster when smoking non-tobacco rolling papers. This is because tobacco contains slow-burning agents and allows for a better taste; therefore, your joints will burn more quickly without these chemicals in tobacco. However, that's not the case with Empire Benny papers.


GSM Rating


We often refer to the weight of a paper as its gsm or grammage. The higher a paper's gsm, the thicker it will be—and therefore, likely to last longer, especially if you are a heavy smoker. So, for example, you can use thin papers like hemp and cone in moderation because they won't burn as quickly. On a similar note, more expensive papers tend to have a higher gsm than cheaper ones, which usually cost more.


Empire Rolling Benny papers have a 13 GSM rate higher than most papers you'll see. The result is a smooth smoke that doesn't break up easily. That's why Benny Lites are heavier and longer-lasting than other brands.


So Who Wins?


In our humble opinion, neither of these products is better than or worse than the other. The main point here is to look at what kind of papers you like smoking because, as we all know, papers are sometimes hit or miss. So enjoy your new packages of papers and keep on puffing. Here are some other excellent Empire Rolling Products.


Empire Rolling is a Global Leader in the Custom Rolling Paper Printing Space


The papers themselves are some of my favorites in their class; they don't tear easily, and you can tell that there is an incredible amount of work put into producing these custom papers. I recommend picking up a pack from Empire Rolling as soon as possible! You won't regret it!


PREORDER ONLY: Ultra Thin Cones


Great for starters who haven't rolled in a while or prefer a thin cone. These are simply perfect. Thick yet thin, these cones give an excellent smoke time of about 40-50 minutes. They don't stick together so that you can roll 5-6 cones at once. They come in different print colors: camo, blue, dart, EE, green, hemp, jag, black, and others.


Pass the Benny T-Shirt


At 100%cotton, these shirts feel incredible against your skin. I wear them in bed sometimes and often wear them to a party or event just because it's so damn comfortable. If you don't grab yourself a shirt when you hold a pack of smokes, you need to reevaluate your priorities. The prints are sweet too! They even have a T-shirt contest right now where you can win awesome prizes. Check that out as well.


Strain Wraps


Strain Wraps are not made from hemp but directly from unique hemp strains in Canada and the USA. Each ER Strain Wrap derives from a different strain of hemp and, as such, has different effects. The flowers/buds are processed in our facility by hand with natural terpenes, oils, and other derivatives to provide a great smoking experience. It's fresh off the line, so don't delay. They come in flavors like Blue Dream, Girl Scout cookies, Godfather OG, and White Widow.


Benny Boss Briefcase


Add some class to your style with a briefcase made from genuine Italian leather, handmade in Genoa, Italy, by Buroni. This Briefcase is a great way to carry everything you need for your day wrapped up in one professional package, with room for your MacBook Pro and files and more space. It even has a separate zippered compartment inside where you can store business cards, small accessories, or other extraordinary things. It also includes four boxes of Empire Rolling Papers to hit it hard right out of the gate. It has Twin Cagiva combination barrel locks and an adjustable shoulder strap. Its Pigskin suede-lined interior features two large internal pockets for documents and an organizer panel for devices.


The 504 Global Program


504 Global is a new program of Empire created to assist young entrepreneurs who are passionate about rolling products but don't have much money to spend. 504 Global accepts any roll-up business designed with quality and craftsmanship in mind. With a marketplace estimated at millions for pre-rolled joints alone, it makes sense for brands like Empire to team up with talented brands/companies that can show potential from financial standpoints.