Rolling Paper Comparison: Enjoy Smoking with Empire Papers

Rolling Paper Comparison: Enjoy Smoking with Empire Papers | Empire Rolling Papers

Enjoy Smoking with Empire Papers

Enjoy Smoking with Empire Papers

Your choice to smoke shouldn’t mean pumping chemicals and toxins into your body. With Benny papers and cones, you get 100% natural products that use earthborn ingredients to deliver the perfect blend of satisfaction and smoothness.

Our original Benjamin papers have become a smashing success for their design, but they’re more than just a pretty face. They’re also meticulously crafted to elevate your smoking experience. Are you ready to discover what makes us different? Check out our full lineup of smoke accessories.

Papers or Cones: What Style Should You Buy?

When it comes to rolling your own, you can choose original paper, lite paper or cones. Your choice depends on the kind of smoker you are and how much—or how little—you enjoy the art of rolling.

Here’s a quick rundown.

Original papers:

• Great for experienced rollers
• Most cost-effective choice
• Easy to carry around
• Wallet-size packaging

Lite papers:

• Great for smokers who want a slower burn
• Good for experienced rollers or those with rolling machines


• Ideal for people who can’t or don’t want to roll their own
• Portable packaging
• Great for travel
• Cost more than regular rolling papers

Lite cones:

• The right choice if you want convenience and portability
• Ideal for smokers who value slower burn time

Original Benny Papers

Make a standout statement with the papers that first put us on the map. It’s all about the Benjamins, and it’s all about these great-looking papers. Our Benny papers look like actual $100 bills that you’re rolling and lighting up without a care in the world. You won’t believe the details we got right when we designed these.

Doing something “like a boss” might be a cliché’ at this point, but you’ll be living that cliché in style with these papers. They’re the exact size and shape of a real Benjamin, and we send them in a wallet-sized bundle of 20 to 24.

The right papers and the right rolling technique are essential to a satisfying smoke. With a Benny original, you can get that without the harmful additives you’ll find in many papers. These bills are easy to roll and slow to burn. Act like the boss you are when you light up with a genuine Benny.

• Made from organic white pulp paper, starch and dextrose
• Ink made from vegetable oil coloring
• Each wallet includes 20 perforated filter tips

Original Benny Cones

Nothing beats the ease and convenience of a pre-rolled paper cone. Maybe your hand-rolling skills aren’t where you want them to be, or you have a physical condition that makes rolling impossible. For that matter, maybe you just don’t have time to sit and roll your papers. When you want something quick and easy, these are the ticket. Grab these cones, and head out the door.

An improperly rolled joint or cigarette doesn’t taste or burn right. That won’t be an issue when you stash a good supply of Benny cones. They have the same outstanding features as our regular rolling papers.

• Eye-catching $100 bill design
• Organic wood pulp
• All-natural ingredients
• Individually sealed

Benny Lite Papers

If you want an even slower burn than our original Benny papers produce, pick the lighter, thinner Benny Lite version. You get the same high-quality, natural ingredients and the same design that will make everyone take a second look.

Some rolling paper companies slow down the burn by adding chemicals to the paper. We don’t do that. These papers will give you a toxin-free, slow, satisfying smoke. Roll these by hand, or use a rolling machine. Use our automatic delivery service to make sure you never run out.

• Famous $100 bill design
• No chemical additives
• Paper made from organic wood pulp
• Ink made from 100% natural vegetable coloring

Benny Lite Cones

When you’re ready to smoke, these Benny Lite cones are right there with you. They have the same quality as our Benny Cones, but they produce a slower burn with no reduction in quality.

Wood pulp paper stays lit longer than other paper types. It’s also flavorless, so all you get is the pure enjoyment of whatever you decide to smoke.

• $100 bill design
• 100% natural ingredients
• Individually packaged

Stock Up on Empire Papers

All Empire rolling papers are made from natural ingredients. They come in a standard 4.2-inch length. We offer same-day fulfillment, subscription services and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. When you want to roll with the best, order from Empire.