Introducing the Benny Lite Rolling Papers

Introducing the Benny Lite Rolling Papers - Empire Rolling Papers

Introducing the Benny Lite Rolling Papers 

Rolling a joint will always be fun and exciting to take to the bank. It's a game that never gets out of fashion. It keeps getting better every single day. The older it gets, the better it becomes, just like fine wine. What makes the entire experience an outstanding one? Amateurs in the game will not get this right. Well, some say it's weed. I swear this herb is simply something else. However, the gurus in the game will relate very well when I say rolling papers spices up the whole thing. The rolling papers are simply the real deal.


The rolling game gets even better when you have the best rolling papers. I didn't know the beauty of using some good rolling papers until I started using them. These pieces of paper make smoking a smooth and stress-free experience.


Why rolling papers?


Rolling papers come in various flavors and tastes. This promotes a fantastic smoking experience for the users. Knowing and using Rolling papers made by joints is even more memorable and enjoyable. They make my smoking moments unique. Do you want to see the magic that lies within the rolling papers? Read on and get to know where the real fun of joint smoking starts.


The main question is, why the rolling papers?

Well, I will give you an exciting answer to that question. First and foremost, it just feels fantastic. The experts in the joint rolling game will agree with me when it gives you a feeling of a boss. I mean, they give you an outstanding experience. Rolling and smoking joints will never be the same once you introduce the Benny lite papers. These tiny bossy rolling papers are the game changers in this exceptional exercise. It is made with natural ingredients such as organic virgin white pulp, organic fiber wood pulp, organic starch, water, and dextrose. The content components vary in different compositions.


I once doubted their abilities. Little did I know that the fun and fulfillment of joint rolling and smoking lies within them. I remember I was always in the mood for the joint sessions. I do not deny the fact that weeds are the real deal here. However, the feeling and experience will be average without the unique rolling papers. That is not what you need. You need to get the utmost experience of it all. So, make it a lifetime moment with the benny lite rolling papers. It's never going to be the same again.


What are the types of rolling papers?


I have watched the demand for cannabis consumption accessories rise every year. Specifically, the use of rolling papers has spiked significantly, pushing for many varieties. I have highlighted the main types of rolling papers in the rundown below to make it easier for you to make the best choice.



This is my all-time favorite rolling paper. I must say, this is the most commonly used rolling paper in the market today. Their incredibly slim profile is one of the fundamental explanations for the sheer prominence of rice papers. However, shoppers should note that since rice rolling papers are so slight, they are sensitive and should be taken care of cautiously so as not to tear them during the moving system.



The Hemp type has significantly gained fame among users recently. This swift rise in demand for Hemp rolling papers is possibly due to the highly sustainable hemp crop. Their association with cannabis has also been strengthened by the component of Sativa leaves used in the making. These leaves are relatively steady, thus making the rolling papers solid enough to do the joint rolling effortlessly without tearing. However, I have noticed that the hemp type has a mild taste that adds to the smoking experience.



As time passes, flax rolling papers appear to decrease in prevalence as different papers keep on being acquainted with the market. Nevertheless, many individuals use them as they are considered the most secure papers for weed utilization.


Another key Highlight


Wood pulp is yet another favorite type of rolling paper. It is substantial and straightforward to roll. However, since Wood Pulp rolling papers genuinely do have an unusually particular taste, be that as it may, numerous clients have started to avoid these papers and settle on all the smoother seasoned choices.


Which Type is best for you?


This is a critical question, and I will give you the exact answer you need. As you get acquainted with the joint rolling act, you will notice that not all rolling papers will work with your preferences. Some of them are just not easy to work with. This is the reason we have suggested the ideal moving papers dependent on your expertise level underneath:


1. For New Users

The hemp type will be your ideal decision if you just got into the game because of its durability and general usability. Also, you get to partake in the gentle flavor without influencing the smell of your marijuana strain.


2. Intermediate users

Rice papers will be a decent decision assuming that you are a mid-level user. However, they are considered delicate, and you will need to be gentle while handling them. Be that as it may, assuming done right, rice rolling papers can deliver a smooth smoking encounter for you.


3. Experts 

Master users can pick super fine papers available. However, they are hard to move because they are fragile yet permit a cleaner hit with each puff.


So how do I roll a joint?

This is the most critical business here. I am glad to let you know that rolling a joint is one of the most straightforward processes. The following steps will give an easy time with the rolling exercise.


1. Kick start the exercise by thoroughly grinding the strains. Some people prefer using a grinder. However, I prefer using my fingers. Using your fingers makes everything easy because you can quickly tell when it is ready.

2. Use thin cardboard and make accordion folds to make a channel.

3. Fill your rolling paper with the sound ground strain (make sure you poor the amount that you can handle)

4. DO a slow and careful rolling to avoid unnecessary cannabis spillover and unintentional rolling paper damages.

5. Do a back and forth roll to ensure evenly distribute the content. Do the rolling until you notice a cone shape appears.

6. Once you are convinced that your roll is ready, you can glue one end and then tack the other end into the glued end. Ensure the roll is perfectly glued and there are no potential spills.

7. Seal the tip of the roll with wet or even glue.


What makes the benny lite rolling paper the best?


I'm sure you must wonder why the benny lite rolling papers should be on your following shopping list. So just take a chill pill and read on to get the real gist.


• Quality


Firstly, the benny lite rolling papers are not any standard rolling paper you can get out there. You can only get the Type from our defined suppliers or directly from our website. We make sure that these papers are perfectly composed and of high quality.


• Perfect Size


The benny lite rolling papers have been made perfect length and width to make the rolling exercise even easier for you. Each note comes with 4.2 inches length (the empire size)