The choices in rolling papers make health a priority

The choices in rolling papers make health a priority - Empire Rolling Papers

The choices in rolling papers make health a priority. 

People have choices regarding the rolling papers that they use, and the different varieties can get a little confusing. Some papers are considered vegan, not vegan, bleached, not bleached, and any combinations thereof. This has become big business, and people have choices they only imagined were possible a few years before. Someone can be health-conscious when they want to enjoy marijuana or smoke it for several medical issues. This means a person can make decisions that help the environment and still provide the paper that will make a good joint.


Bleached Paper


Not all bleached papers have chlorine used in the process, so some choices leave no chemicals. However, that does not mean that some papers do not contain either chlorine or calcium carbonate. Other companies use an oxygenation process that leaves none of the harsh chemicals on the paper and allows them to be smoked safely. If a person has health concerns, they will need to do a lot of research to find which papers are best to use.


Unbleached Papers


Unbleached papers are what it says, and this will allow people to see the natural fibers and colors of the type of paper. This will let someone never worry about bleaching chemicals, though other chemicals that may not be known could be added. Most companies try to have a cleaner product with the unbleached forms, so there are usually fewer worries. People switching from bleached may worry about the inconsistency of color or similar things, but that is just the way the natural fibers tend to be and not a real worry typically.


Vegan Papers


Any person looking for vegan choices when it comes to rolling papers may get a little confused from the research. Some, not all, of the limited selection of vegan papers have a V on the packaging. However, numbers have been growing since the introduction of entirely vegan paper in 2005, so this is a growing area. Most of the time, a paper is not vegan because it contains tobacco or the glue is derived from animals. However, brands are working hard to bring more products that vegans want.


Wood Pulp


Most people who have smoked have seen and used the wood pulp in some form, as this is the most common form of paper anywhere. The pure white everyone is used to is bleached, bringing in those chemicals that people do not want. The paper usually burns a little faster than other choices, which means other materials can last longer for people to enjoy. Wood pulp papers are the most common, and most plants have these out in more numbers. A person has to look for ethically harvesting practices by the company to be environmentally conscious.


Hemp Papers


When a person is looking for one of the better choices all around for smoking, most experts will point them toward hemp paper. Hemp can be grown far more ethically than many other choices, and this is from the same plant family if the person is smoking marijuana. This is a choice to consider when going vegan and having other health concerns. Hemp paper is far more durable than most other choices, which will burn a little longer than the competition. The wood vs. hemp competition also opened the market to the newer possibilities faster.


Rice Papers


People who want the cleanest burning choice will most likely go with rice, which is also a great one to consider on the vegan side of papers. The biggest drawback of choosing rice paper is that a person who has any rolling issues will find it even more complex. Rice burns slower and usually has far fewer chemicals than most of the competition, so this will be a significant reason to take the time to learn to roll with it properly. In addition, the paper is often thinner and gets damp, far more accessible than other types of paper choices.


Clear Papers


Cellulose papers are still considered a novelty, so this type of paper will be the hardest to find on this list, but this is still healthy. The cellulose papers are made clear, so someone can see as the fire goes down the marijuana or tobacco. The main ingredient is cellophane, but not the version that wraps everything out there. This form is made from plant cellulose and is entirely natural, though it looks odd because it is transparent. This takes being open to a whole new level and will cause people to talk.


Environmental Concerns


Every paper used in rolling is perfectly biodegradable and will not be toxic in any manner. This means that people can consider that the paper will not cause an issue if someone throws out their roaches. Cigarette filters are the only part that can cause concern, and people do not smoke those with marijuana. Many people keep track of how ethical companies are, so most work hard to be friendly to the environment in every way possible. This will mean that most smoking papers available are very environmentally friendly, other than bleaching chemicals.


Glue Choices


As vegan people have become more vocal than people who aren't, companies have worked to make their products more friendly. The most common substance used for glue is gum arabic, which is derived from the acacia tree. Those glues derived from animal parts have been, but it would be harder to find them now. With the more vocal smokers wanting to make sure they have healthy selections, the plant-based has become the way to keep paper together. This is proof that the squeaky wheel gets the grease on the issues.


Lobbying Efforts


One of the biggest concerns that people should worry about is that larger companies have ways to pay for lobbying that can hurt their smaller competitors. This can mean that government oversight can change what is paid attention to with the right amount of money spent in the right way. If smaller paper makers start going away, look to see the reasons and keep up with the companies' regulations. This may not seem like a big deal to many people. However, this has always been how big business has changed the landscape.


Recent Tests


Labs have started testing all types of products and have come across a disturbing trend with some rolling papers. At the same time, the papers are made healthily. They are absorbing heavy metals and similar toxins from the soil they are being raised in. There have even been pesticides that have been detected in other papers that surprised people. It is not saying that the paper companies wanted this, but it is starting to be found. The companies have been working on this issue to maintain a healthy product.


Rolling papers have so many varieties to decide between that it can be overwhelming, but it will still take a bit of research to find the healthiest choices. People who want to have unbleached and vegan options will have plenty of papers to look at, especially with people wanting them to be vocal on these wants. Some of the better selections may come from smaller companies, but experts raved about these as often as they talk about big-name choices. What people want is available, and they will make the everyday smoker happy with joints.