All About The Benjamins

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All About The Benjamins

It's Friday night, and you're celebrating the end of another long week of hard work. A smoking session is called for, and a small gathering of friends you have not seen in a while calls for something extra to impress your friends. After all, what is more, impressive than taking a crisp-looking $100 bill, filling it up with some dank bud, and lighting it up like a boss? The Benny rolling paper is super stylish and will make you the life of the party at first glance. The slick texture and sharp details make it a great conversation topic (and make you look like you have money to burn), but does it burn slow and evenly? You probably know people who spend big saliva to ensure their piece does not burn too quickly. However, it would be best if you didn't have to pass around a saliva-saturated jay to ensure that the wrapper doesn't go up in flames before the bud does. The Benny rolling paper is one of the smoothest and longest-lasting on the market. However, the burn time is just one of the perks of this product. These slow-burning papers have a lot of surprising benefits besides making your jay last longer.

These Slow-Burn Papers Won't Go Like a Puff of Smoke.

Heads will turn, and impressions will be made when you light up a fat one wrapped in a Benny. However, these wrapping papers make a great smoking experience beyond a statement-making party favor because they burn slowly and smoothly. The worst thing would be to waste your bud (and your reputation) on a paper that burns faster than toilet tissue. Unlike other designed smoking papers, Benny makes a lasting impression as it burns slowly, giving time for more conversation and multiple passes of the piece. When a paper burns slowly, it tends also to burn evenly. A slow, even burn is essential as it prevents canoeing (when a long section of paper ignites on one side, effectively ruining the airflow for smoking, and you may have to make a new one). Some will assume that the problem is with the plant matter itself if it is dry. However, having fresh cannabis with dense, sticky trichomes will give a similar problem with an inferior rolling paper - the paper will flare up and disintegrate while the buds only slightly char. Someone may offer an additional glob of saliva or double wrap to get past this issue, but why waste extra money (or share extra spit)? A slow-burn paper like a Benny will ensure a smooth, long-lasting smoke for a highly satisfying session.

Pro Tip:

If the problem is dry plant matter, try rehydrating your cannabis with an orange peel or a piece of bread. Placing this in an air-tight container with your flower will bring some moisture back if it has dried out, but do not leave it in for more than a day - you do not want mold!

What Makes A Benny Burn Slowly? What's In It?

Understandably, some consumers may be suspicious of harmful additives and chemicals put into various smoking wrappers to make them burn slowly—igniting some of these chemicals results in toxic fumes that could cause some very nasty effects on the lungs. Even tobacco and nicotine-free wraps have chlorine, calcium carbonate, or even potassium nitrate in their ingredient list. There is nothing terrible added to make Benny rolling papers slow-burn. The 100% natural ingredients are listed here. These papers are vegan, made with organic wood pulp, dextrose, starch, and water. Using these plant materials and sealing as much as 10% water into the rolling paper allows for a smooth, naturally slow-burning smoke experience. The water as an ingredient in the wrap is crucial in making it burn slowly. In addition, the print of the $100 note is also colored using edible natural vegetable oils, so smoking these slow-burn wraps means reduced pollutants for the earth and our bodies. For those of us who are extra health-conscious, try using a match instead of a butane lighter. Some say it makes your bud taste better!


The Slow-Burn Difference

Having a slow-burning rolling paper makes a marked difference in the experience of your smoking session (and it comes with a lot of science for those of us who like useless trivia). Smoking any plant material that has moisture produces what is called incomplete combustion. It is vital to smokers who enjoy the flavor of their herb. Terpenes are responsible for a majority of the smells and tastes in plants. Certain terpenes like Beta-Caryophyllene (also found in black pepper) have low evaporation temperatures, as low as 119 degrees Fahrenheit. THC, however, activates at around 230 degrees, with the cherry at the tip getting as hot as 1900 degrees. Having a slow-burning Benny helps to keep the temperatures at a level that allows total enjoyment of the strain's flavor profile as the terpenes evaporate. This makes a slow-burning paper a vital consumption product for those who find the importance of using cannabis medicinally. Have you ever heard of the entourage effect? The availability of a broader range of aromatic terpenes and flavonoids enhances the "feeling" of the high. Having a slow-burning Benny rolling paper also benefits effectively gathering the oils of your plant matter as the evaporated terpenes and cannabinoids condense and pile on the remaining material. The additional oils mean more concentrated THC as your piece gets shorter, like an infused blunt. Puff slower and gentler at this point, oil in the piece will smoke more like a vape than a blunt, and it will hit harder. The slow-burning papers moderate the oils from going into complete combustion. Reducing the combustion rate, leaving you with a sweet, sticky-icky, slow-burning treat that even has the courtesy of putting itself out as you inevitably get so high that you forget you are smoking. Talk about class!

Benny's Slow-Burn Makes The Party Last