Customer Friendly Dispensary Layouts - Product Placement Matters

Customer Friendly Dispensary Layouts - Product Placement Matters - Empire Rolling Papers

Customer Friendly Dispensary Layouts - Product Placement Matters 


Empire Rolling is a company that offers customizable rolling papers and cones to large dispensaries and companies that sell marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. The global leader in rolling papers and cones has several designer collections. These collections impress with boldness and style. Empire Rolling uses only natural and plant-based ingredients to produce their products. Therefore, it is easy to recognize Empire Rolling products from counterfeit rolling papers. The first way is to look for the watermarks of the company. The second sign for an original Empire Rolling product is the length of the burning of the paper. The third mark is to check the efficacy of the seal after rolling. 

Of course, you can always have a specific style of products and attract particular clients. For example, you can draw clients such as men or women of a certain age, geographical area, etc. Empire Rolling has different suggestions according to the targeted customers. Allow your clients to smoke with style regardless of the purpose (recreational or medical). Of course, the products must be aesthetically appealing, but their placement is the key to achieving more sales. 

- Before you organize your dispensary, you should consider several aspects of the layout of the products in the room. 

1. Include brands you trust and companies that offer many designs and patterns of their products to reach as many customers as possible. 

2. Pick the type of your dispensary layout carefully. That is as important as the placement of the products. The style of your store determines the placing of the products. 

3. Your dispensary does not have to be colorful. But moreover, it should have a neat and professional layout and, of course, a proper product placement.

Following these tips, you should not only put yourself in the customer's shoes, but you should also think outside the box. Now, in-store shopping is back, and the placement of the products you offer matters. 

- Make a neat and clean entrance to the shop

Your customers should be able to move across the space of your dispensary with ease. It is not a good idea to clutter the entrance. Consumers will become confused if there are many products when they enter the cannabis store. According to the law, the medical marijuana dispensaries must have a check-in or waiting room. There is a way to obey the law and reduce the waiting time by using technology. You have to arrange your products depending on the needs of your clients.

- Use your walls

That will save you place, and it will also create an engaging atmosphere for your clients. The more simplicity you develop in the placement of your products, the more friendly and attractive environment you generate for your customers. These elements are vital but do not forget to use cases that look appealing and can be locked up. 

- Place your products in display cases

You have to consider the functionality, attractiveness, and security of the cases that contain Cannabis flowers. The design of the displays is as crucial as the placement of the products. Of course, they should provide attractiveness and security at the same time. Some companies sell inventory displays. So, you can benefit from them if you desire to open a new store or remodel your established shop. In all cases, the placement of products in displays will create tidy and organized surroundings in your dispensary. However, the perfect placement of these displays is the key to boosting your sales.

- Inspect your clients` needs

You can encourage them to choose by using a specific smell that hovers in the air. Such fragrances may include a combination of aromas such as baked cookies and chocolate. That can create a sensual atmosphere, and customers will buy more products. Inspecting the needs of your clients will help you conveniently organize the products. You will reduce the waiting time for your regular buyers when you consider their opinions on the placement of the products. 

- Rearrange your product displays and racks from time to time

However, the regular clients will spend less time in your store if you organize your dispensary according to their requirements. That might be convenient for them, but they will stop browsing the shop. So, consider the possibility of reorganization of some the products. You can take advantage of this tip but do not exaggerate. If you desire to keep your regular buyers, you can also put promotional items on the areas of the store they visit every time. In addition, you can complement your clientele by providing them with free samples.

- Organize your products so that the customers turn to the right.

Most American shoppers go to the right side of a store once they set foot. So, a good product placement strategy involves positioning bestsellers and most popular products on the right. Then, when you point the attention of buyers in that direction, they will notice the best you can offer. That will make them go inside and check the whole store.

- Talk with your staff

Customers` demands are an essential part of the process of selling. However, it is vital to communicate with your staff regularly. The people who work for you should be experts in their positions. They realize which products have more sales and what customers need. Listen to your staff carefully. These people can help you arrange the products in your dispensary properly. The budtenders must be qualified because they answer questions and make suggestions to clients. Customers tend to buy certain products according to their requirements. Your staff can organize the items in the shop in a way that is accessible and convenient. 

- The rolling papers

Do not make compromises with the characteristics of the rolling papers and cones. They are crucial for the process of smoking marijuana. Your store doesn't have to offer a variety of designs and attractive brands. Instead, you must provide your clients quality over quantity. The experts from Empire Rolling have considered the diverse needs of their clients. Their experts create high-quality products with natural components and non-toxic colorings. In addition, the pre-rolled cones contain filter tips that reduce coughing.

- Products on sale 

It is an essential thing to consider where to place the promotional items. So, you can start by leaving subtle signs that point your clients to products on sale. Consumers tend to shop more around holidays, and you should develop the perfect strategy concerning that fact. Customers love luxury products. However, they would appreciate a bargain highly. Your company should create that feeling. Display the exclusive and expensive items you sell on the top racks. That leaves the center shelf available for promotional and purchasable products.

- The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to boost sells

When that time of the year comes shops become flooded with customers and the staff can hardly manage the situation. However, the same applies to the clients as well. They are busy searching for the perfect present for their loved ones. Here is where product placement plays its part. Logically, customers should effortlessly find the products they desire to buy. Avoid the holiday chaos by strictly maintaining the regular organizational arrangement of your goods. The only change you can make is to place gift bundles and baskets somewhere it is easily accessible and visible. You can work with your B2B partners to decide what products to put in each bundle or basket. 

- Your B2B partnerships 

You can benefit from your B2B partnerships in several ways. First, when your business partner features a new item, you can place ads about the upcoming product. That will draw interest in the future release and bring more customers to your store. To grab the attention of buyers, you should put the ad and the product itself in a central place in your shop. 

Choose the right business partners and products to accentuate the elegance and class of your dispensary. For example, empire Rolling is a leading company in the cannabis industry. The company provides printed pre-rolls and cones on different paper with pre-ordered designs.

Remember, product placement matters. Think about creating a customer-friendly environment. For example, provide a convenient and professional dispensary layout to boost your sales.