Dog Walkers: The Ultimate Choice for Smokers

Dog Walkers: The Ultimate Choice for Smokers - Empire Rolling Papers

Dog Walkers: The Ultimate Choice for Smokers

Dog walking is a familiar term for most of us, evoking images of cheerful pets trotting alongside their human companions. But in the world of smoking, "dog walker" has taken on a whole new meaning. Enter the world of the "Dog Walker" – our signature Dart papers in the captivating orange packaging.

Understanding the Dog Walker Craze

The term "dogwalker" has recently surged in popularity, with an impressive monthly search volume of over 60,500. But what exactly is a dog walker in this context? Simply put, it refers to smaller, short cones that are perfect for a quick session. These joints are compact, making them ideal for those who don't have the time or desire for a longer smoke.

Why Choose Dog Walker Cones?

There are many reasons why smokers are gravitating towards the dog walker joint. For one, its size is perfect for those who want a fast and efficient smoking experience. Unlike the larger counterparts, dog walker pre roll cones offer a shorter session without compromising on quality.

Search trends have shown a rising interest in terms like "dog walker joint size" and "small cones for smoking", indicating that there's a significant audience out there looking for these petite solutions. Moreover, the dog walker pre roll has garnered positive feedback, with many users seeking out reviews before making a purchase.

Raw Dog Walker Cones vs. Our Dart Papers

While raw dog walker cones have their own set of fans, our Dart papers in the orange packaging stand out in the market. These papers are meticulously crafted to ensure a smooth burn, enhancing the overall experience. Smokers who've tried the dog walker pre roll from our range often rave about its quality and consistency. And when it comes to price, our dog walkers pre rolls price is competitive, offering great value for money.

The Dogwalker Preroll: A Mini Sensation

Dog walkers mini joints are taking the smoking community by storm. These joints are not just about their size; they're about convenience, quality, and a unique smoking experience. Whether you're curious about "what is a dog walker joint" or are a seasoned smoker looking for a change, our Dart papers in the orange packaging are the answer.

For those unfamiliar with the term, the dogwalker preroll is all about providing a quick, satisfying experience. It's perfect for those moments when you're short on time but still want to indulge.


In the ever-evolving world of smoking, the dog walker is making a significant mark. From its ideal size to its quality burn, there's no wonder it's becoming a favorite among many. And with our Dart papers in the iconic orange packaging, we're confident that once you try the dog walker, you'll become a fan too. So next time you're looking for a quick smoke, remember the dog walker – small in size, but big on satisfaction.