Empire Rolling Goes Global: Major International Partnership With VCT

Empire Rolling Goes Global: Major International Partnership With VCT | Empire Rolling Papers

DULLES, Virginia-- June 18, 2018

Empire Rolling (Website), the leading manufacturer of printed on rolling papers, announced today their partnership with VCT Distribution.

Empire Rolling is strategically expanding their distribution network by bringing on VCT as a partner. The Company is maximizing the exposure of their signature $100 Bill Rolling Papers as well as positioning themselves to introduce some exciting new products globally.

Kyle Hall, Managing Partner of Empire Rolling Papers, stated “While we are expanding rapidly internationally with this new partnership, we still will remain customer centric and continue to improve our products. With our recent high quality product line extensions our brand will grow to become a respected household name in our industry."

David Kay, Managing Partner goes on to say “We continue to build strong relationships with key partners who allow us to distribute our products worldwide and provide accessibility to our customers both in stores and online. VCT furthers this expansion and we are excited about this new partnership.”

Bas Ravelli, General Manager, VCT : “ We are delighted to add Empire Rolling papers to our portfolio. We strongly believe in the future of printed rolling paper as it may offer added value to our customers in many different ways. We see the $100 Bill Rolling Papers as only the first step of many in developing this new and exciting category. I am confident that with Empire’s manufacturing and marketing expertise and our vast distribution network in Europe, we will become the leading player in the market”.  

About Empire Rolling

Empire Rolling is a leading manufacturer of printed on rolling papers. Empire Rolling is well known for their signature $100 Bill Rolling Paper known as the “Benny” available online and in stores. For more information visit and individuals can follow @empirepapers.

About VCT

For more than 40 years V.C.T. Fine Tobacco Products plays a leading role in the tobacco industry with the aim to deliver quality- and innovative products to adult smokers.

V.C.T. is an importer and exporter of e-cigarettes, smoking accessories, tobacco and pre-mixed alcoholic beverages. VCT delivers to all tobacco wholesalers and retailers in Europe, including tobacconist/convenience stores, petrol stations and supermarkets. We deliver niche products like Djarum cigarettes, Karelia Slims cigarettes and Braniff filter cigarillos. We are also a prominent distributor of e-cigarettes in the Netherlands with the brand `XEO`. For more information about VCT visit

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